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Tue Feb 14, 2023 1:33 pm
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As some of you know, as of the writing of this post, we currently have an PvE server. I wanted to set up a post of general info and rules on the server, so there is no doubt of what you can expect on our server.

General Info:
  • Server info:
    • Server Name: headshotdomain.net (basic tags may be at the end here)
    • Server IP:

  • Don't store anything in vehicles for if we have to restart the server, they may disappear.
  • Servers will be restarted every Wednesday for now, may change that to be more frequent, but for now, while testing settings, we will manually do it every Wednesday night, (EDT/EST -5). I will make sure nobody is on or if they are on, I let them know.
  • All locations are free to be claimed as home base. For you new people, place locks on the door and place a sleeping bag inside the building to claim it. Need "Lock Kits" to lock the doors.
  • If you have thoughts or suggestions, speak up. Admins are coRpSE & Crpyt at this moment of time.

Server Rules:
  • Respect everyone.
  • This is PvE, so don't harass other players. If you want to do that, go to a PvP server.
  • Don't steal other players vehicles or items within a vehicle.
  • If trolling or breaking any rules and/or disrespect is given, then you may be kicked or banned from our server. All bans are at admin discretion and though we try to be fair, there is no excuse for any rule breaking since our rules here are visible to everyone, registered or not. Admins are not going to be spending too much time dealing with any problems, judgement will be swift and at the secretion of the admin dealing with the issue.
  • Hacking = automatic ban, plain and simple.

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