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 Forum:   News   Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 12:10 pm   Subject: Avast fined $16.5 million for selling users data

I know this isn't something I generally would post as news, but, I figured I would since I know many of you use or have used Avast in the past and stood by this product. For those that don't know what Avast is, it is a free antivirus software that you can download for your PC. They have been around for many years now and was deamed one of the better ones to use out there.

As of February 22, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC), has announced that it will ban Avast from selling user data for advertising purposes. The FTC has also ordered Avast to pay a $16.5 million fine for selling and licensing web browsing data to third parties.

According to the FTC's complaint, Avast harvested user web browsing information from at least 2014 to 2020 through its antivirus software and browser extension. The FTC claims that the browsing data sold by Jumpshot reveals consumers' religious beliefs, health concerns, political leanings, location, and other sensitive information.

Avast's privacy policy states that they do not sell information that directly identifies you, like your name, address, or email. Avast's service data includes information about product usage and events relating to use of their product by you. This information includes samples, detection details, and files used for malware protection, information concerning URLs of websites, and usage statistics.

The FTC also claimes that Avast deceived users by saying that its software would help eliminate tracking on the web, when in reality, it did the tracking itself.

-- My Thoughts,
They are not the first nor will be the last that will gather data and sell it, but, things that I'm pretty sure is BS, is when they claim that they don't sell private data like names, addresses, and email. The reason I call BS on this is quite simple, eveyone else has and that informtion is what most want. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, ect..., all have done it in the past, and one of the funniest things I heard was from a ex Microsoft employee, that came out and talked about projects that he worked on, and other things, but also pointed out that when MS said that the way that they shared data, was not with names and emails, but with a unique id number and didn't store peoples email/usernames/names, but he also pointed out that it was not hard for them to take that unique idientifier and match it up with a user and called BS on thier claims.

My biggest grip is how this fine is nothing more than a small slap on the hand and is overall a joke. Last year, Avast revenue was $808.3 million, which in the fiscal year, Avasts 2023 free cash flow is over $750 million. I personally am getting tired of compaines like this, selling data knowing that at most, they will just get a slap in the hand. I know people seem not to want govenment intervention, but, someone needs to step in and say enough.

 Topic: Beetlejuice 2

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 Forum:   Fun Zone   Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2024 7:53 pm   Subject: Re: Beetlejuice 2
Well, here is the official first movie poster which has the official name and date of release:


can't wait.

For those across the pond, that is MM,DD,YY in the poster.


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 Forum:   Fun Zone   Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:19 am   Subject: Re: War of the Worlds Game
Here is the latest video, and I believe the first of 2024. I can't wait for this game.


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 Forum:   PC & Codeing Talk   Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2024 9:06 am   Subject: Re: GTA Garages [Released]
What do you guys think if I write something similar to this for Xtreme, but allow you to have the option to have the list show for others to see what you have?


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 Forum:   PC & Codeing Talk   Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2024 1:11 pm   Subject: GTA Garages [Released]
Well, if you have been following along with my previous post on my site here, you will know that I decided to make a GTA Garage system due to me having a bunch of cars and garages and not knowing if I had duplicates and wanted an easy way to search to see if I owned it. The first script that I made for me was crude, for it just read the TXT file and showed me what was in it, in an easy-to-follow format. Well, to learn more about it, watch this:

So, if you want to use this system, feel free to check it out here:
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Any questions or comments, feel free to ask.


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 Forum:   General Talk   Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2024 9:38 pm   Subject: Re: Who am I? I am not him.
##Apollo074## Yes, it has been a very long time.  Guy with axe  Still trying to figure out if I miss all those times you use MrLitton as bait and I would fall for it. Unfortunately, I can honestly say, there hasn't been any games that really caught my attention like RTCW did. QuakeWars came close with the flying, but that's about it. Chopper


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 Forum:   In-The-Works   Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2024 8:12 pm   Subject: Re: [ITW] GTA Garage Script
Hello everyone. I know I posted this a while ago and gave no updates, well I like to say I have been working on this a bit, and have made some progress.

I will say, I started this project 3 different times because I wanted to try out ChatGPT to see how well it is at making fully developed scripts. Well, I can say this for sure, it is definitely not there, especially if you're trying to make a complex script. If you are trying to make something very simplistic, well, simplistic by most moderate to advanced coders, then it will do those fine, but, when you get a bit more complex, it will do for a bit, then it will confidently keep giving you the same broken code, even when it says, "I apologize for the confusion. Let's try a different approach.". It can get stuck in a loop with that.

So, how did it go. The first two attempts, I tried having ChatGPT do most of the coding and it failed. This 3rd time, I did more of the leg work, but used it to solve issues I had which for the most part, it caught everything, but that was as long as I only gave it sections and not the whole code. I did give it the whole code at first, but then told it I wanted to focus on "these areas", and went from there. I would say, this script was written about 70% by me and 30% ChatGPT.

Now, about the script. There is a lot I still need to do, but these are its features:

  1. Able to save your garage to a text file, which can be uploaded to be edited.
  2. Search feature which will tell you if you have more than 1 and what garages they are in
  3. No database at all. Everything is handled through a .txt file only.
  4. Display page will highlight all cars that are duplicated and there is a number after that car that is highlighted and will tell you if it's the second or 3rd. The first is not highlighted.
  5. All garages are using an accordion system and are all closed until you click on the garage and open them.
  6. Add & remove categories easily
  7. Add and remove cars easily

Currently, I only have this with an example garage which is sort of my garage, (it might have had some alteration due to being used for testing.).
I am going to write a system so it will be tied into some sort of token that is created on your first visit and will be stored like a cookie, but will die in 24 hours and your garage folder will delete after 24 hours of inactivity. I am writing it in a manor where there is no long in, and no others can get into your garage folder to mod it, but, even if they did, it would only be there for 24 hours of no activity and be deleted forever. Because of that, there is that feature to download your garage.

I am also going to write a tutorial page with the script that will explain how to read and edit your garage without using this script if you want to do a fast edit.

[UPDATED] Go to the release page:  
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If you have suggestions, let me know.


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 Forum:   General Talk   Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2023 3:32 pm   Subject: Re: Who am I? I am not him.
##5STAR## Hows it going there bud, long time no speek. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been terriably ill for the past week and this is the first time in a few days that I actually turned on my PC.

Yeah, Evo is still a think. We have a new version set to be released. We already posrted one persons site over to the new version, but we still have some things to work out.

Most of my Evo experince you were around for. Heck, it was you that helped me with the Downloads module when Killigan called me a thief before knowing the facts. Well, don't be a stranger. I hope to be around a bit more when I start really feeling better.


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 Forum:   In-The-Works   Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2023 6:42 pm   Subject: Re: [MOD] - Discord Broadcast
Okay, I have an update on this. A few new additions have been added to make broadcasting easier, especially if you're one to broadcast a similar message over time, like a general message for server updates or what not. Now, you can create preset messages for each Broadcast Channel you create.

I will try doing an update on the video soon. I am still down due to the flu. Hopefully soon I will be back in action.


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 Forum:   In-The-Works   Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2023 7:05 am   Subject: [ITW] GTA Garage Script
With GTA VI in the works and just over the horizon, I have decided to build a garage system which will allow you to keep track of what vehicles you have where. I am mostly doing this because currently on GTAV I don't know what cars I have and what cars I don't, and I find it really annoying to keep calling the mechanic and going through my garages one by one to see if I own a particular car before I buy it.

This is a low priority scripts, I was hoping that there was something out there already that was a stand-alone system or a program, but I haven't seen anything for it, so I have decided on this. If anyone knows of something, please, by all means, share.

- What will this be?

Well, simple put, this will be a simple script that will allow you to name a garage, then it will have the address that you will need to select, then once you select the garage, it will give you an accurate amount of garage slots for you to put what car you have where. There will also be a search feature that will allow you to search your garages for a specific car. You will also have an option to have your garage available for public viewing or just private, that would be your choice.

That was my thought on the garage. Any thoughts on stuff you would like to see in the module?

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