● How to expand the trunk of the plane

Mon Sep 26, 2022 9:45 pm
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A couple of days ago, someone that was flying with me asked me how I use the plane to go loot the air drops since the plane has a limited trunk space. I mentioned to them how I expanded my trunk, and that got me thinking that there are probably others that don't know this trick. I did NOT come up with this, for I have seen others do this as well in raids.

First, I would go to the trader and purchase 3 different color hiking backpacks, and when you have 3 of them, put them into the trunk of your plane. If you can't carry all 3, then here is a trick. Right click on one of the bags, and select the "Open Inventory". Once open, put the other bags into it and then put the bag that is carrying all the others into your hands, then you can go back to your plane or where ever. You will need to rotate the bags to make them fit, and to do that, is "Left Ctrl + Mouse wheel". You can't put it into your backpack for you can't carry anything with items in it, well, in your bag, but you can when it's in your hands.

Once at your plane, you can open up the trunk and stack the 3 bags on top of each other, (rotating them 1 click).

Now, when you go to fill them, just pull them out and put them on the ground and fill them and once on is full, put it back and grab another. Now, when you go to empty them, You will need to carry each one by putting it in your hands, like you see in the image below.

That's it. Very simple.

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