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Information on tile burns!

  • When a tile burns it will be manually added back as the same map style, all quality and spawn locations will change. The tile should be roughly in the same area as before.

  • All trade items at trade-station will automatically move to a random tile.

  • favorited walkers will move automatically to a random tile, all non favorited walkers plus bases and entity's will be destroyed if left on tile or in lobby of burning tile.

  • The burn timers are visible on each tile on the world map.

  • players on a burn tile at the time will die and have to respawn on a different tile.

  • Donators who have had tile name change will get their tile name back (unsure if this will be added to same map or if we add once you place a proxy)

  • The purpose of the burns is to clean the tile of any inactive players walkers & entity's, helping keep the servers performance high.

  • Players can avoid the burn by moving all walkers and bases to a different tile until the burn ends, then just move back.

Please be aware that we do not take responsibility to items or walkers loss, there has been enough forewarning to get organized ready to move.

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