● NVIDIA Hacked & Being held ransom.

Fri Mar 04, 2022 9:23 pm
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A few days ago, NVIDIA has confirmed that it was hacked. After announcing that there was an "incident" last week, and they were going to look into it, the company has come forth and confirmed that on February 23, they became aware of the breach, and that it does “not anticipate any disruption to [its] business or our ability to serve our customers as a result of the incident.”.

The hacking group, Lapsus$, has claimed responsibility for the attack and has a couple of demands.
  1. Make its drivers open-source for macOS, Windows and Linux devices. Anyone that uses Linux, they know that NVIDIA makes it difficult unlike AMD.
  2. Remove its controversial Lite Hash Rate (LHR) feature, which limits the Ethereum mining capabilities of its RTX 30 series graphics cards.

This hacking group, which has already started leaking data, claimed to have taken a terabyte of data from NVIDIA. According to data breach monitoring website
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, the hackers stole the credentials of more than 71,000 Nvidia employees. The data includes email addresses and Windows password hashes, according to HIBP, “many of which were subsequently cracked and circulated within the hacking community.”.

The hackers are now threatening to release Nvidia’s trade secrets, including schematics, source code and information on recent Nvidia graphics chips, including the as-yet-unannounced RTX 3090 Ti, unless Nvidia meets the group’s unusual demands.

After Nvidia confirmed it was looking into an incident, there was speculation that ransomware was involved, and that the attack could be linked to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, Nvidia says there’s no evidence that either of those things are true.

Toby Lewis, Head of Threat Analysis at dark web intelligence firm Darktrace, said that the alleged hacking group’s “previous targets and near-native use of Spanish and Portuguese in previous ransom notes suggest that [it] operates out of South America.”. He also said that the group is “highly secretive,” and that its attack on Nvidia seems to be it taking advantage of the confusion caused by everything going on, rather than it being motivated by connections to the Russian government.

Personal thoughts:
I am not for sites being hacked my self, but, if NVIDIA opens up their drivers, I personally would be happy so if they are not willing to get off their asses and get drivers done for the Linux community, I hope others would. Though, I would only like to see it open for Linux, not Windows or Mac. Linux is the only open-source platform that really could use it, and since Windows and Mac are not OS, they don't need it. The route they are going about this, I do not agree with.

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