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Wed Feb 16, 2022 2:54 pm
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I don't know if you have been following the tech news for the past week, but after a couple of Tech Tubers have come out exposing Newegg on different fronts on questionable practices, it now has sent the PR department into overdrive trying to save face, well, what little they have left.

This all started after a YouTube PC tech outlet, (Gamer Nexus), tried returning an unopened motherboard purchased from Newegg, and was denied the refund, citing damages to the hardware that he "supposedly" caused, as Newegg claimed. After some back and forth, Steve decided to go public with this in a video, and once the video went public,   Newegg has addressed the situation and changed its policies to prevent this from happening again, (supposedly).

Well, after that first video went up, Steve got back the motherboard that they claimed he damaged, and he opened it him self and found just how shady they are. The return label from the previous owner was still on it and after digging more, it was already sent back to the manufacture before by Newegg, and they refused the $100 repair cost on the socket and just had it returned, where somehow, it got restocked for sale and then sold to Steve as a working board. The video is really worth a watch.

Now, this week, Steve is flying out with camera's to talk with Newegg about what's going on and what are they doing to fix this so us that don't have a platform with millions of followers screwed over.

Well, at the start, I said a couple of Tech YouTubers. Well, here is another thing that is going on. After Steve posted about his experience on Twitter, Brett from UFD Tech brought up getting scammed by Newegg by doing two sponsored videos for them and one charity streams and how they never paid him for the videos, and didn't send out the prize to the winner from the stream. Steve told him to share his story, and by doing that, it even showed more of a lack of competence at Newegg.

In a new video by them, he got responses from Newegg, (sortof). In this video, he shows emails that he got from an affiliated person of Newegg, not an employee of Newegg, apoligizing for Newegg. It gets better, but, you really need to watch the video.

My thoughts:
I have shopped from Newegg in the past and never had issues, but, this was about 12 years ago. Since being bought out, shady practices could have been put in play. Scams could have easily been put in place to screw us, (the consumer), over. In the automotive world, unfortunately, we see this a lot and those shops give all shops a bad name.

Newegg could have easily avoided this if their RMA department open up the package and saw that they already sent it out, and it was already known to them that it had bent pins on the board. Instead, knowing that it was sent out to Steve with bent pins, they tried to claim it was him and tried to keep the money and possibly the board. That whole ordeal is 100% a scam, or, they have the most incompetent people working there, and those people should be fired, or, retrained teaching them the basics of, this is a circle, this is a square. I have dealt with returns when I worked at Caldors back in 1996, and I can tell you that it doesn't take much of an IQ to tell even the most obvious things. I won't go into details, but what happened with Steve, well, can't get any more obvious when you have a large label already stating the issue.

With Brett, all Newegg had to do was use a very generic message like,
I saw your tweet and looked into, and found out you were correct that we didn't pay you. Here is the amount we owe you, and I am very sorry for this mistake to happen.

Saying something like that, would have saved face and been the right thing to do. Instead, they go off blaming someone else and take no responsibility themselves, even though they were sort of involved.

Overall, I am interested what goes on with this interview with Steve of Gamers Nexus this week and would like to see them step up. We will have to just wait and see.

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