● AUC group listing update & LM-BlackMagic AUC listing fix

Thu Dec 30, 2021 1:30 pm
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Please, read all the way through before downloading anything!

Okay, a couple of days ago, I was messaging some people and I was going through the user groups that are at the bottom of my forums on my clans website, where you see:

Legend:  [ Administrator ]  [ Recruiter ]  [ Commanders ]  [ Clan Member ]  [ Clan Friend ]  [ User ]  [ Banned ]  [ Web Dev. / Coder ]  [ DonoBot ]

Well, I noticed when I clicked on that and went to view the list of members, some aspects of it didn't look right or wasn't working, and because of the theme I am using, it doesn't have the icon images, so it was just displaying the alt text along with the missing image icon, (depending on your browser). So, to keep up with my theme and keeping image files to the minimum, I redid it using font awesome icons instead of images that the themes usually comes with. If you are on the latest version of Evo, then you already have Fontawsome icons working on your site. Here is an example of the before and after:


Mind you, that you can theme it if you wanted to. This was done just because I don't have the images and didn't want to go that route.
However, there is a fix in there as well. If you moused over the original that comes with the system, just say, over the PM or the email, you will see it say, "Send %s a private message", or for the email, "Send %s an email".

Well, it was an easy fix changing the %s to actually show the username instead of the %s, but I figured while I am at it, I am going to do some other changes, like getting rid of old depreciated HTML like the old font, and upgrade it with a span and a inline style to it. I also got rid of all the white spaces that were in there. Another change I did was I added brackets around the expressions. I know they are not needed, but for easier readability, they should be in, especially when someone that didn't write it in the first place comes in looking for something. There is no performance gain by not having them and more and likely, (depending on some cases), all you are really doing is making it harder for others to read it.

So, If you want to use this fix which now using Fontawsome icons instead of the images, then download the attachment marked "AUC_Listing_Fix".
The other file is for those of you running the LM_BlackMagic theme. This just makes that section responsive ONLY for that theme.

Both are easy to install, just extract the folder and upload the contents of the public_html to your root of your site keeping the folder structure.

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