● Martine OS, this looks promising

Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:26 am
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Martine OS 2.0 „Canterlot” is a new operating system based on the Linux kernel, it has a modern look and is also universal– you can run applications written for Windows, Linux or even Android!

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Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:52 am
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Interesting. There seems to be a lot of Linux versions out there mimicking Windows. Me, I am not ready to make the switch just yet. I know with the new Window 11 coming, things that are about to happen that will make a lot of people not be able to run it, but lucky that Windows has said they will support Win 10 till 2025. I really hope they remove some requirements that's needed to run Windows 11 and just give warnings to those that don't turn them on that they are knowingly taking that risk.

As for Linux based. I know your saying that you can run apps for Windows, android, and Linux, but, last I knew, that is a bit misleading. I believe that is a sales pitch they may have, but, yes, you should be able to run some Windows apps, but, last I knew if you're looking to play all your games on there that are Windows based, just won't happen, (yet). There is still a great many games that run like garbage or don't even run, and some, require a lot of messing about. I saw a recent video from Anthony over at LTT where he ran into these issue, and he is big time into Linux.

I do think it will get there, but I am going to wait and see personally.
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