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Season 4 is coming on August 5th, and with that comes some changes for the self-hosting. Things we have been waiting for a while now.

Hello, Nomads!

With Season 3 nearing its end, we would like to give you a brief idea about our perspective on it and what to look forward to in Season 4.

In S3, we took a chance to let players enjoy the game in the way that they like and that works for them, rather than forcing everyone to play in the same brutal world ruled by huge clans.
While we feel our approach worked to some extent, there were numerous problems, including:

—Not enough diversity: we focused on clan size, which is one of the major parameters for gameplay, but not the only one - progression speed, distribution of maps, different gameplay parameters are all extremely important too and they were the same across all realms
—Difficulties with moderation: any restriction that you add to the game creates room for abusing it and griefing, and because of the amount of realms it was extremely hard for us to enforce rules everywhere.
—Too granular split of playerbase: some realms were almost completely empty, but populated realms also had lack of different enemies to fight, which led to stale gameplay much faster.

To solve these issues, Season 4 introduces Self-Hosting of dedicated servers while also going back to one unified official global realm.

Last Oasis already has lots of groups of different sizes that rent servers and host custom realms. This lets players experience the game in a different way from the official realms - there are PVP realms with increased rates, PVE realms, realms with very special custom rules and realms for very short arena-like gameplay.

However, tools for private realms were really underwhelming, forcing gameplay to be too similar to official realms and making the lives of private server admins much more difficult than it needed to be.

One of our main focuses for S4 is to change that. We’re expanding options for private servers through lots of features, like:

—Functional admin panel for kicking/banning players from ingame
—Admin commands that allows tons of different things like spawning items, teleporting around, spectating, along with many others.
—Adjustable gameplay properties that you can use to change lots of different things like cost of maintenance (or disable it completely), respawn parameters, water consumption, etc.
—Ability to make specific tiles or the entire realm PVE-only (disabled pvp damage entirely except for duels at trading station).
—Lots of new options on the MyRealm portal to make administrating private realms easier, as well as adjusting different global parameters like clan cooldown, scheduling tiles burning or activating new tiles.
—Last but not least, Self-Hosting: you will get access to the Last Oasis dedicated server app, which will allow you to host your own game server on your own PC or a separate machine without having to rent it.

After the release of S4, we will closely work with communities, groups, and individuals that host private realms, providing support and adding more features to help you guys with creating unique experiences that were not possible in LO before.

Private servers won’t be wiped for the launch of S4 and we are not planning to force-wipe them in the future. However, realms owners will have the option to wipe them whenever they want.

We will be releasing the dedicated server files and other new functionality next week, allowing admins to get familiar with the features before the launch of Season 4.

Special thanks to Darksiders, Fight Club, and Eclipsed Oasis for their help in testing self-hosting and providing feedback and suggestions!

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