● Twitch scripts for streamers - Part 3: Random Chatter

Mon Jul 05, 2021 2:02 pm
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This is the third script that is made available, which is the Random Chatter script. This one is relatively new. It was requested by a fellow streamer that wanted a more customizable random user script that was already available by other people, so I made this. This script is probably the only one that really doesn't get used by itself. But, this script can be used in many ways. It's really up to you on how you would want to use this. The 4th script, I will show you how to use it with another script.

Yes, this requires Nightbot. I am not going to go over on how to set up night bot, just go to YouTube to find that out. The scripts I am providing are free to use, and just follow the following examples, and you should have no problems using them. The 4 scripts that I am making available are as follows:

  1. Random Chatter - Will grab a random person that is watching your stream and display their name.
  2. The Latest Followers - Will display your latest (1-20) followers, what ever you set.
  3. Magic (cool Ball script - Makes it so you have a 8ball in your chat.
  4. Slaps - This has been the most popular one used, and it was built during a live stream a few years back.

Now, I will go over each one individually and how to implement them into Nightbot, either by from within your chat, or from the Nightbot Dashboard alsong with a few cases of what you can do with them.

Random Chatter:
This script pretty much will display any members that is in your stream and display one of them at random.
The URL is going to look like this:
Editing this for your use:
  • ?u=################ (REQUIRED) - Unlike the other script I provided in Part 1, this one here you just put in your Twitch name. For example, my Twitch name/channel is DreAdeDcoRpSE, so I would just put in ?u=dreadedcorpse. If you wanted just to display the viewers and the VIP's of your twitch, then all you would need is just this in the URL,
    Please login to see this link
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  • &s=1 (OPTIONAL) - This query here is an indicator if you want staff to be included in this list or not.
    Please login to see this link
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    Setting this to 0 or not including it will disable it.

  • &s=1 (OPTIONAL) - This query here is an indicator if you want the broadcasters, (you), name to be included in this list or not.
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    Just like the &s option, with set to 0 or don't put it in will disable it. There is no specific order they must be in so you can put the &b before or after the &s, but they both come after the ?u=##################.

Now, how to implement:
Well, this is going to be up to you on how you want to use this within your commands, but where ever you want a random person to show up, all you would do is add this in your command, (of course edit the ########## and the other settings to suit your needs):

Code: [ Select all ]


In Part 4, I will have an example that uses this system, and from there, you can find more uses for it.

Well, that is for part 3, I will be doing this in 4 different threads, so a single post is not a mile long. Also, I want to make it better for searching, so breaking it up like this is the best option. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

(Special Request): If you do decide to use these scripts on your own stream, please consider either donating a little to our site for hosting and making these for you, or at lease, put some sort of link back either to my twitch or my site in your cards or somewhere on your stream.

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