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Sun Jun 06, 2021 12:29 pm
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I will be streaming a game called CRSED: F.O.A.D, which is pronounced like cursed. The name stands for "Cuisine Royale Second Edition: Fulfillment of All Desires". Long story short, it was a game made a few years ago as a joke, April Fools' Day, but since has taken off.

Well, there is a thing about this game that gives the viewers of my stream the ability to cause chaos, which is an integrated voting system for us that stream, that allow our viewers to vote on what type of hellish torture that will affect all that are still alive in the battle royal. Here is a list of the shit you, the viewer, can cause in the stream.

  1. Abilities without cooldown - I'm guessing it allows use players to keep using our specials without having a cooldown period, I haven't experienced it yet.
  2. Global Flood - If we are on map with water, around where the water is at, it will flood and add about 10 - 20 meters deep of water.
  3. Killing sun - If caught in the sunlight, you will lose health by cooking to death, best be in shade.
  4. Orbital Drop - I believe this is just free goodies that you will fight over to get. High value guns and what not.
  5. Fast run - Allows you to run fast all the time.
  6. Ghost jetpack - Give you the ability to fly like you have a jetpack on, but without a jetpack.
  7. Meteor Shower - Just is what it says, it has meteors come down from the sky, and you have a chance of being killed, (I think).
  8. Moon gravity - Just like it sounds, lower gravity.
  9. Brown note - Not like it sounds, this turns all outhouses into teleports.
  10. Zombie apocalypse - Sends hordes of zombies from the blue zone out to kill you, best run and hide.
  11. Eclipse - Causes and eclipse to happen which the map becomes dark and if you don't have a night scope, harder to see.

All these effect can last anywhere between 1 min in game, up to 5 min in game. Some can be helpful, but others can get me killed, You have a choice, so feel free to join in on the stream and join in on the fun, hope to see you guys there.

I will try getting video footage of the chaos that can be done in my next stream which should be tomarrow.

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