● GTA V Online Load times reduced by up to 70%+

Thu Mar 18, 2021 3:00 pm
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For some of you that play, or used to play GTA5, you should all remember how bad the load times were to get into the game. For me, it used to take about 10+ min to load into the game and that was if I went into single player then into MP after SP loaded, (the fastest technique. Well, a few weeks past, a "hacker" was able to find out why the game was loading so slow and was able to speed up the load times "up to" 70%. Why I am putting "up to" in quotes will be explained a bit further. The hacker going by the handle TOst says he figured out a core issue that caused longer than necessary load times in GTA Online. Without getting into too much detail, he found that the system was maxing out a single core on his CPU for over 4 min, and after digging more into it, found that it was doing some parsing inefficiently and by caching the string would help speed up the process. There was also another issue the way it was loading everything into an array which was very slow.

TOst released a proof of concept .dll file to show what he found, But was warned that you could be banned for using it.

Now, fast-forward to a couple of days ago, Rockstar pushed out a patch that supposedly changed the way the game handled the available threads, so it takes advantage of multiple cores. Well, on the 16th of this month, Rockstar released update 1.54 which came with the updates that were pretty much handed to them. GTA Online should load a lot faster for those on modern systems, but, on older PC's you should see an improvement, but not the 70% everyone has been saying.

More bad news, for now, those of you on XBox, will not be getting this patch just yet, I guess it is not working right, and they postponed it until they can find the issue and fix it. But PC and PlayStation peeps, enjoy...

This is why I posted the "up to" in quotes, because most of you will still be slow to load, but not as bad as it used to be. In my test yesterday and today, I have done 10 test in total, 5 loading straight into GTA Online, and 5 times going into SP then into GTA5, and I was very surprised at the times.

Here is my method of timing.
  • Using Steam version, I clicked "Play"
  • Once you hit play, a popup comes up asking you if you want to launch Grand Theft Auto, or GTA Online.
  • at that option is when I selected the mode and started the timer.
  • Once I got on a game server is when I stopped the clock.
  • For the Single Player, I loaded up to the landing page, then selected Online, I didn't actually load into the Single Player world, just to the landing page.

Each one, I took the times, added them up and divided by 5 to get the average and here is what I got.
Just note, your times may vary, pending on your hardware.

Loading straight into GTA Online: 2 Min : 57 Sec
Loading into (SP) landing page then selecting "Online" at the bottom: 2 Min : 28 Sec

My Hardware Specs ~>
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I know from about a couple of weeks ago, I loaded into GTA5 to see if it loaded any faster on my new PC, and it took 10+ min. So for me, I am seeing the 70% speedup in loading into the game. Granted, I know loading into the SP then loading into Online would give me mix times as it was usually how fast I could get to my mouse and click on the Online, (sometimes double-clicking since it was not registering the first click). But that was still faster, but not by much and now, I think I will just stick with launching right into MP.

So, my conclusion. Do I think they fixed this aspect of the game? Absolutely, but, like said before, those of you that have older PC's more and likely will not see those faster times like I am.

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