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Over the past week, I have been working on a new system that I don't know is something that people would like. I know I mentioned years ago, back on ClanThemes and the old Evo Xtreme site, that I was working on something on the side that would allow you to mention people in a post and they would get notified that they were mentioned. Well, shortly after that, I wiped my test site and lost my progress on that and it became a dead project. Good thing is, I was going in the wrong direction with it.

I know this system exist all over, (twitter, facebook, almost every other forum/CMS platform, ect...), but now, Evo will have it.
Well, if you don't know what feature I am talking about, its like you make a post in the forums, but you want to poke someone in a sense and say hey, take a look at this. what you would do is something like @coRpSE and then put your post, and when you submit the post, I would get a PM, (Only if I have that turned on in the ACP), and on my User_Info, like the PM, I will have the mention with a counter.


The thing with the counter is that works off if you acknowledge that you have a mention, (meaning you don't need to view it). So, if you go in and you have this system to send a PM, and you go to view your PM's, you are in a sense acknowledging the mentions because even in the titles of them, it says you have been mentioned. That is why in the animated image above, you see the mention # at 0, but I still have pulsating links, just because I didn't click on the either eye icon, or the link in the PM to see that post.

Note: If you manually go into that post not by clicking one of the links provided, then they don't get tagged as read. But that's why I have the "Delete All" button.

I am not sure where I am going to go with this, but, it is fully functional and I will give a list of answer to possible questions I think I would be asked.
  • Is the pulsating glow editable per theme bases?

    A.) Yes, the glow css is put right into your style.css for each theme you run.

  • Can you mention more than 1 person per post?

    A.) Absolutely.

  • If I mention someone in one post, then in the same thread, different post, I mention them again, will they get notification for that second post?

    A.) Yes. This system works off of post, and doesn't take any ques off of what thread it is in.

  • What if someone spams just say, @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE @coRpSE, are you going to get 8 PM's?

    A.) No, it checks if it has run for that user and if it has, it will ignore all the others afterwards.

  • What if I accidentally type something like: Hey @coRpSE, How are you today?. Since I put that comma after your name, will it still work?

    A.) So far, yes. I have it ignore any punctuations, so usernames that have only Letters, Numbers, dashes(-), and underscores (_) in them will work. Spaces and anything else won't work.

  • If I quote someone with the @username in it, will it resend because of the quote?

    A.) No. This was something that I wanted to avoid from the beginning, but wasn't sure what to do. I had several options and could  roll with, and the way I decided to combat this was simple. Once output, it leaves the name of the person as well as link to their profile, but, also, the name it shows will not be @username, but instead » username, of course without the color unless your style has links a different color.

If you have any questions that I might have missed, feel free to let me know. This is still a work in progress and don't know when it will be ready to be made public. I do know what I am ready to test this on live sites, I will need a couple of volunteers to test it for me. If interested, let me know.

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