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Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:29 pm
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Today, when editing the forums, got me thinking about what made some of these games great and how do they stack up together. Well, here are two videos I have on youtube archived that you can compare against each other. Both these videos had no audio and the visual is about part with the crappy recorder I used on the WoT and the WarThunder one being from my twitch rather than from my game directly.

WoT Video:

WT Video:

I like to know what you think comparison wise.

Here is what I think:

  • Graphics -  In my opinion, War Thunder takes the win. I think it's the limitation of the engine that WoT has. Granted, I am not sure if they got away from using so much flash. I know from when this video was recorded and the graphics today on WoT has improved, in my opinion, not that much and is still behind on War Thunder.

  • Gameplay - This is a tough one. WoT seemed to be more fun, especially when you get into one of those great groups for company battles, and you all work just so well together. On the other hand, when your in small platoons with some friends or running solo, it does get boring quite a bit since you don't have a clue what the rest of your team is doing.

    Now, in War Thunder, it's pretty much the same deal, but, your not out of the game if you die right away. You can take in a few vehicles. So you're more willing to play aggressive then you were in WoT. Also, in War Thunder, if your playing Tanks, you have a chance in coming in, in a plane temporarily to hit the enemy from above, (as you seen from the video above).

    So my choice is a tie. Each have their marrets.

  • Sound - This, I am not going to include sound mods, I am just going to rate on stock sounds. This one I have to give to WarThunder. From the start, their weapons have sounded realistic. WoT have improved, but not good enough.

  • Customizability - Hands down, WoT. WarThunder, all you can do is skins which sucks, but oh well. To me, that's not enough. WoT, you can create the UI that you want using various mods that the community created where in WT, you get what you get.

  • Overall Playability - WoT is a game you go in and work hard at, but in the end, it all feels the same. You really don't get any different experiences in the game unless you count changing from heavy to arty. In War Thunder, your not limited to just tanks. In the same game, you can play Tanks, Planes, or Naval battles. In tank or naval battles, depending on your activity and what you have done, you have a chance to come into a plane, might it be a bomber or fighter to assist your team.

My final thought is. I think WoT messed up not partnering up with Gaijin when they had the chance, but I am also happy they did what they did because now we have WoT and WT. I also like during one of WarGaming interviews, they mocked Gaijin ambition to combine tanks with planes, ships with planes, and possibly Ships, planes, and tanks, then told the world that it was impossible and that is why they broke their games into 3 seperate games. Well, we all know how is the fool now.

Overall, play what you like to play, and keep enjoying it. But before mocking something or saying its trash, give it a chance.
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