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Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:19 pm
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Some time in May or June, our site will be going through a upgrade and house cleaning.
Downtime I am hoping will be no more than a couple of hours if that. You will not lose your accounts and I am hoping to keep all the forum post in place. Can't give much more details ATM since I just don't know and I have another site that I am upgrading in a couple of days. For the most part, things won't change, but there will be some differences.

Now, what do I mean about house cleaning and upgrading. With the upgrading, we will be updating our site to use the latest version of the CMS.
Now, there will be some modifying of the forums before we do this update along with a few other aspects, so that is one reason its going to take longer.

Also, I will be also setting up a suto pruning of topics that have not been posted in, in over 3 years. We have some threads going back to 2012, so, doing some house cleaning is a good thing. Of course there will be a few areas that will not get auto cleaned. I will be starting to do this within the next week or so. So don't be surprised when it happens.
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