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Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:32 pm
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Okay, for those of you know, our site has gone through some changes. If you find any bugs or have any issues, feel free to report them to me in this thread.
  1. Donations block/module. Please report if you Donate and it does not show up as you donating.
  2. Default Theme - There were a lot of tables and images that were not lining up. Once I cracked open the theme, I found a ton of coding that just was not good. Tables within tables within tables. It was way too much tables, so I ended up going through them and cleaning the heck out of them and got rid of a lot of the old code like anymore.
  3. Have the site now running with a SSL Certificate, so now if you look at the URL, it does say "Secure", even though this was not needed.
  4. Arcade removed, and all the games. Since flash is dying, and does have a official EOL in which browser will no longer support them, I figured to remove them now.
  5. Recaptcha working EVERYWHERE on this site.
  6. Several other small things on the back end and to the core of the system.

So Please, if you find any issues, report them to me ASAP. Also, be sure, if you Donate and it does not display, let me know. I tested it out in a sandbox and it looked like it was working, but yesterday, when i tested it, it did not work. Granted, it could have just been because of the DNS records still be transferred over.

Well, take care and you all have a good one.