● VPN/Server/Proxy's now blocked from our site.

Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:34 pm
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Today, I finally got around to coding in IPHubs VPN/Server/Proxy API that allows me to run a check and match up to see if your on a any one of those, and if you are it will automatically block you. Note this is just on using the one database. This project was done in lure of being asked by someone else that wanted it on their clans site and since I was already doing it for their site, I said why not.

I did push this off, sending Lonestar the code that I used and the Doc's, to see if this would be a good addition to the new Evo and have it as a default script that can be used, and he liked the thought and is going to look into it. So this may be another new feature for the next version of the CMS, but for now, I have it on my site. I will not go into details on exactly the code I used, don't want to bore you.

So if you get to a custom error page and you see that your not allowed to use VPN/Server/Proxy, now you know why.

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