● New tutorial out today, Sending tweets through your stream.

Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:12 am
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Since twitch removed the ability to send tweets when you go live a couple of years ago, I thought about just doing someone on my own which would work. Well, time went by and I never looked into it till last week. I finally said, "let's see if something has already been coded.", so i did a search. After about 10 min of looking around, I found a script that was a PHP script that allowed you to tweet using it instead of logging into twitter. So i looked into it and it was very basic, but I felt I could expand on it, so I did, and now I have a few different ways I can tweet from just using nightbot and my stream app I use to view my chat. This gives the ability for me to either tweet a static mess with one command, or tweet a custom message that I type in right after the command.

If your a streamer like me and you like the ability to tweet while in your stream, this may be just right for you. Check it out if your interested.
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I know the video is long, but if you go to the youtube channel, in a pinned comment, I went through and put in the time stamps.

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