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Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:00 pm
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Over the past few months, I have been doing some small things here and there to the site to improve and clean up the site, so I figured I will let you guys know what has changed before I get people asking where do they get this, or how did I do that.

Here are a list of things that I removed.

  • Game images removed from home page. This was done because our clan here are into more than just 3 games. We are not bound by those games and we do not focus around those three games. We are a clan of people that like to play games and hang out.

  • Twitch Clip bbcode button was also added. This addition was also added for higher quality clips from twitch streams. This is a released script for all to use, can be downloaded from our downloads area of our site. (Evo Xtreme Only).

  • Twitch block on the left showing when I was "LIVE" or "OFFLINE" has been removed and replaced with a new block in development that is a center block that will be lighter and does allow for multiple streamers. It's still a WIP. If there is enough interest in this block, I will make it available once done, but till then, it's all mine... zunge zeigen  Snakeman  zunge zeigen

  • Shoutbox removed. This was done do to some issues with it. I am not sure what caused it to mess up, maybe something on our host side, maybe something I did. I may look at fixing it, but honestly, it needs a full rewrite.

  • Last thing is the chat system that was seen at the bottom of the site. I got rid of it because it was never really used and just slowed down page loading. So for something that doesn't get used, it's probably a good thing it's gone.

Overall, there have been some other minor changes to the backend, but nothing really worth noting. If you have any questions or comments on things that were done, feel free to post here and discuss it. I am open to suggestions and criticism.

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