● **New Rule for the Streaming Chat channel on TS3**

Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:27 pm
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I just want to direct this first that this post is not geared or targeting any single person specifically, this is a new General rule for when I am streaming and if others are streaming.

  1. Keep on topic - If you are coming into the stream just to "Chat", that is fine if the streamer is fine with that, but if you are playing another game at the same time, either go to push to talk and try not to interfere with the streamer trying to talk to their audience about the game they are playing with your game talk. We don't need a play by play of your game while streaming another game. Not only is it rude to the one that is streaming, its rude to the audience. If you don't want to use push to talk, please go to the appropriate channel on TS3, there are plenty of them.

  2. Respect - No racial or targeted jokes at all. Think before you speak. If you have the inkling at all that it might be misconstrued as a racial joke or a joke that is very poor taste, don't say it. It's better safe than sorry. No joking or say rude stuff about racial, mentally handicapped, or gay/homophobic jokes.

  3. Multi Streamers - It seems that there are some of us other than me are thinking about getting into doing more streams, so if that is the case and we are playing the same game in duo's or squads, let's be respectful for both our streams and turn TS3 onto push to talk so we're not trying to talk over each other when talking to our streams.

  4. Conversations - Lets keep them to a minimum unless you're involved with the stream. If someone in the stream chat ask a question or is commenting to something, the streamer needs to be able to respond and not be interrupted or really have to wait for you to stop going on about something that is unrelated to the topic at hand.

  5. Profanity - Unless it's okay by the streamer, try not to use it. Like my stream, it's okay to an extent, but don't use it excessive, Example:

  6. Follow Streamers Rules - On top of these rules, you must also follow the rules of the twitch streamer. Whatever rules that they have on their stream also applies to what is said in the TS3.

These are plenty easy to follow, and this applies to everyone, clan members and friends. Thank You for following these rules.

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