● Integration of Piwik Analytics to replace the old statistic.

Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:04 pm
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A few months ago, it was brought up on Xtremes forums that the Statistics on the site was not working correctly and could it be updated. Well, after talking to lonestar about it about a month ago and I showed him what I was using, we both agreed that this system was MUCH better and if people really wanted to have statistics/analytics on their site, this is the better route to go. I did write up a bit of code that will replace users on your site  from having just a user id number given to you by the system, but actually use your username that you have registered on the site.

The system I go over is 100% free and you can download it and install it onto your site. In the video tutorial here, that I will show you, I don't go over how to install it, but what you do once you have it installed, so it works on your site. To watch the video tutorial, go to this link.
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The system I use is called Piwik, and you can find it here:
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I hope this helps some of you that want or would like to have some sort of analytics on your site.

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