● **Warning** Before reformatting and going to Win 10

Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:12 pm
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Just a warning, for all of you that are looking at updating to Windows 10 by doing a reformat, I highly recommend updating by just updating your current version first using the Windows upgrade tool:
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Download that, you will be able to create a ISO disk or put it on a flash drive. Once you upgrade, you will want to verify your Windows 10 install by going to:

Start -> Settings -> Accounts -> Your Account

and in there you will see the Verify. Click that and once it confirms that is good, then, go back and reformat and install Windows 10. Something is bugged with Windows 10 that you need to do that so it will verify that you have the full release of Windows 10.

A good video to help install would be this one here:
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But overall, he talks about that he couldn't get it as a clean install to verify, but if you do the steps I say first, it should work. If not, contact Microsoft for more assistance.

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