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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Official Dedicated Servers


One of the very first F2P, (free-to-play), shooters is back with dedicated servers. id Software posted, over at bethesda.net, about how Bethesda has spun up new dedicated servers for Enemy Territory featuring


Posted by coRpSE September 08, 2022  Comments [0]

Unity Merging With Malware Developer


Unity, what can I say but this, WTF are you guys thinking???
For those of you that don't know, Unity is one of many game engines out there that games are built upon. I am sure you have heard of games like


Posted by coRpSE July 16, 2022  Comments [0]

NVIDIA Hacked & Being held ransom.


A few days ago, NVIDIA has confirmed that it was hacked. After announcing that there was an "incident" last week, and they were going to look into it, the company has come forth and confirmed that on February


Posted by coRpSE March 04, 2022  Comments [0]