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[HSX] is a multi gaming clan that is involved with a bunch of games and our library is always adding new games.
We are a bunch of people that just like to hang out and have fun playing games.
If your interested in joining our group, go here to apply and join us on our TS3. CLICK ME TO APPLY.

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This site is not only a clan site, but an information site. We are there to provide
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Steam News

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NVIDIA Hacked & Being held ransom.


A few days ago, NVIDIA has confirmed that it was hacked. After announcing that there was an "incident" last week, and they were going to look into it, the company has come forth and confirmed that on February


Posted by coRpSE March 04, 2022  Comments [0]

Newegg on Damage Control


I don't know if you have been following the tech news for the past week, but after a couple of Tech Tubers have come out exposing Newegg on different fronts on questionable practices, it now has sent the PR


Posted by coRpSE February 16, 2022  Comments [0]

[HSX] Website (WAS) closing it's doors [UPDATED]


As you probably see by the title, after 18+ years, we are closing down our site for good. Unfortunately, due to tough times with the economy, and the lack of enough donations to keep our community afloat, I


Posted by coRpSE January 21, 2022  Comments [3]


You have been warned!
We have caught 53 shameful hackers.