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[HSX] is a multi gaming clan that is involved with a bunch of games and our library is always adding new games.
We are a bunch of people that just like to hang out and have fun playing games.
If your interested in joining our group, go here to apply and join us on our TS3. CLICK ME TO APPLY.

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If you are looking to apply to get into [HSX], Please register an account on the website, then in the left navigation click
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This site is not only a clan site, but an information site. We are there to provide
support for various areas of game/site developement.

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[HSX] Survive The Nights server is up!


After a couple of days of Crpyt losing his mind, and possibly hair, both him and me, with the support of the STN community, were able to finally get our server running. Thanks to Crpyt, we got a small server,


Posted by coRpSE February 11, 2023  Comments [0]

Discord is slowing down NVidia GPS's


A recent update to Discord seems to have introduced a bug that is slowing down Nvidia GPU's. Not all cards are affected, but it does however appear that there is a vast majority of them having the issue. As


Posted by coRpSE February 02, 2023  Comments [0]

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Official Dedicated Servers


One of the very first F2P, (free-to-play), shooters is back with dedicated servers. id Software posted, over at bethesda.net, about how Bethesda has spun up new dedicated servers for Enemy Territory featuring


Posted by coRpSE September 08, 2022  Comments [0]