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[HSX] is a multi gaming clan that is involved with a bunch of games and our library is always adding new games.
We are a bunch of people that just like to hang out and have fun playing games.
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This site is not only a clan site, but an information site. We are there to provide
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Windows 11 is coming!


Just about 7 years ago, the world was introduced to a new OS called Windows 10. Though Microsoft hasn't confirmed the name change yet, it has strongly hinted at Windows 11 being the new name after releasing an


Posted by coRpSE June 20, 2021  Comments [0]

Stealing Credit : The plague of coding


Over the years of being with the nuke community, I've seen my fair share of code thieves out there that take a system, mind it be a theme, block, module, splash screen, ect..., and claim that they made it and


Posted by coRpSE April 16, 2021  Comments [21]

 GTA V Online Load times reduced by up to 70%+


For some of you that play, or used to play GTA5, you should all remember how bad the load times were to get into the game. For me, it used to take about 10+ min to load into the game and that was if I went


Posted by coRpSE March 18, 2021  Comments [0]


You have been warned!
We have caught 811 shameful hackers.