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History of HeadShot Clan



  The history of the [HS]/[HSX] clan is a long history if we think about it. Back in late fall 2003, two friends had their own mod that they developed called S4NDMOD for RTCW, (Return to Castle Wolfenstein). They started messing around with different things they could do with the mod and came up with a game style they thought might be fun. So they took the standard sniper rifles and made them have the ability to shoot full auto. After they did that, they tinkered with the mod to make the in-game parameters to what they thought would be best for a fun game.

  Once they were done with the mod, they set up a small 24 slot server for the mod and created [HS] clan for the mod. While playing it at first, it was pretty dead, so they brought some of their other clan mates from their other clan over to help build up population. Over the course of a few weeks, some people came in and started being regulars on the server and ended up applying to the clan.

  In January of 2004, a member named DreAdeDcoRpSE joined the clan and shortly after him, Licker. Over the course of about 6 months, both of these members gained in rank and made a impression within the RTCW community to an extent that the clan went from being a handful of players, to having 20+ new applications a week. Wanting to stay a smaller clan, they had set a cap at 50 - 75 members and were trying to be as selective as possible. Seeing the popularity of the mod, talks started among the leaders and the admins about hosting a tournament. But there was a problem. There were no other clans out there that were involved using our mod, just other clanless players. At this time, DreAdeDcoRpSE and Licker decided that they would start up a few new clans, then hand over the ownership to who they felt could handle it and they would come back to [HS].

  At this point, [M!L] was born. After about 3 weeks of getting the clan started and getting a forums and a site up for the clan and getting members recruited, DreAdeDcoRpSE came back to [HS] while Licker stayed behind to finish off getting the clan settled. A few more weeks went by and Licker was given the option to come back to [HS] or stay with M!L. After he was given the option, he came back to [HS] and left our friend Chetnick in charge of M!L. With in a few days of being back in [HS], Licker felt he wanted more so he left and went and started |ARE|. He soon asked DreAdeDcoRpSE to leave and join him, which he declined.

   With in a few weeks, DreAdeDcoRpSE ended up getting promoted to level 4 admin, which in terms of admins, he was right next to the top. At this time he decided to change his name to something shorter and easier to see and read, so he went from DreAdeDcoRpSE to just coRpSE. At this time, the [HS] website was really lacking, so coRpSE went to the top admins which at this point were not really active with the community and asked them if he could build them a website that would top the current website.

After about a month, AG3NT decided to allow him to make a site and left it as this, "if he was not impressed with the site, then they would scrap it and the site would remain.". Well, over the course of about 3 weeks, coRpSE built a standard HTML website using the phpbb forums. After allot of hard work and many hours coding and working on 100% custom images, he showed it to the leaders, AG3NT and S4NDM4NN and both of them were impressed with it so much, they immediately switched the websites and had everyone re-register on the new site. Over the course of about 2 years, coRpSE made a name for himself in the gaming community along with the phpbb community creating his own custom CMS out of the phpbb and creating such mods for RTCW as the Zombie skin mod and the [HS] sound pack mod, (sound mod was made with the help of |ARE|Joppe).


  Within two years of joining the clan as a member, coRpSE was promoted to the leader of [HS] and keeping with what was going on in the past, he kept the clan the same with its roots and spread the clan into getting a second server which for about a year, both server remiand full 24/7. After that year, people started to back out of the game and move on. Over the course of a year, coRpSE ended up talking with his clan members and admins and suggest to start looking into alternative games for [HS] to move into. After looking hard, they decided to move on into a new game called Enemy Territory, Quake Wars, which was coming out with in a few months. At this time, coRpSE saw that there site was getting out dated and they needed a change, so he moved into the phpnuke system and built there new site which has stayed to this date, of course being up graded with new scripts and updateing with the times.

  Well, after ET:QW came out, the clan found the game not really what they were looking for for their clan, so they decided to go into COD4 and BFBC2. After playing both, they left BFBC2 and stuck with COD4 which they ended up coming out with there own custom mod for the game that was based after there old RTCW mod and also released their own COD4 map.

  They also ended up creating several modules for COD4 as well as other games gaining acknowledgement within the gaming community on many fronts, along with gaining popularity with in the phpnuke community. Over the course of a few years, though staying true to their old ways, remained a small, but close clan being made up of frineds and making new friends. In late 2010, we ended up having a friend's clan merge in with us. {TEN} clan merged in with [HS] and brought in many new friends into our clan.

   In the spring of 2011, coRpSE stumbled upon a game call World of Tanks. After bring it to the attention to a few of his clan mates, they decided to make their move into that game while holding onto their COD4 ties. After coming into WoT, they talked to a few friend in other clans to see if they like to come join them in WoT, which a few have. Shortly after being involved with WoT, we had a clan {XN} merge with us which brought 3 active players and we formed [HSX} for WoT. Though in WoT our tags are [HSX], we are still [HS] but we brought in the X for Xtreme and formed HeadShot Xtreme for WoT. Over the course of a few months, coRpSE was able to get into a staff position with in the WoT comunity as a CC, (Community Contributor), which he writes for the WoT weekly newsletter. After a few months of being in he was able to get a couple of others in on the CC staff, Jedi-Jack and Slick (AKA, Apehung). Since then, we still remain a smaller clan being more personal and more of a fun dysfunctional family then a clan, and will continue to make a presence as long as we can.

  In the following years to come, we have been part of new games such as Mechwarrior Online where we were part of the closed beta and also helped with the private testing that they do before every patch is released. We played that game up to just shortly after release of the game where the game company lost focus and started primarily working on stuff to make more money and showed little effort into fixing the game. Even some of the developers were not happy with what was going on so at that point, many people lost interest in the game for the face that it was so hard to play with all the bugs and teams bring out what was known as "meta builds", (aka Cheese builds). The hardcore Mechwarrior fans were dissapointed that many have left, including our guys.

  After that game pretty much flopped, many of use went searching for a new game. Some have found it in Starwars the Old Republic, WarFace, and other various games. But one that seems to be sticking around is WarThunder. A few of us feels that compared to WoT, WarThunder takes us more out of the fantasy game and immerse us into more of a realistic game, which also includes being able to fly or drive tanks.

Recently, We have moved into a new game that is in a alpha stat called H1Z1. This seems to be a new twist to gaming that we really have not been into, but it something new that alot of us are enjoying. We will update this with more about us in the game, but its still a bit to early to get into it now.

Now, you know our history, the rest will come after the future has come and gone yet again..

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