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DFG HeadShot Extreme :: View topic - Nuke HoneyPot V2 Released

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Nuke HoneyPot V2 Released
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:51 am Post subject: No icon Nuke HoneyPot V2 Released Reply with quote

Edited today, 3/12/2014


HoneyPot V2 is released today. V2 is ONLY for Evo Xtreme right now, I have another version that is being upgraded that was designed for RN and optimized for it. That version will be out soon. Here are some highlights of what V2 brings to the table.

  • Reworked the system so no more large edits to any files, it has been reduced to just including a few lines each file.

  • Reworked the flashing text now to work on a more stable code that should work on all sites and browsers.

  • Added in a admin side where you have the option to change colors, turn on and off the HoneyPot script.  Used the HTML5 coding, so it has the color picker. Only available on Google Chrome ATM, but I believe by the end of this year, IE, FF  should support it.

  • Added the ability to turn on and off each of the checks, so if you just want one, you can.

  • Made it now that you can change the wait time yourself instead of manually editing the area's of the code which can confuse you and you could have easily broken the system.

  • Added in a feature so if they get stuck and can't register because of the bot system, they can contact you by either going through the "feedback" module that is already on your site, or send you a email. You will need to add your email in the ACP of the HoneyPot script.

  • Built a 4th check into the system, which now you can create a custom question and answer check. (Been really successful on phpbb3.

  • You can choose how many bots you want displayed on the bot list and if you want it in a Ascending order or a Descending order.

As many of my clan members and friends may remember, almost two years ago I started working on a script to battle bots registering on my site, and about a year+ ago I came out with the Honeypot script to the public to help stop bots like I was on my site. Thanks to Noto of ClanThemes, he helped me design the first release of the script admin side. Also with the help of SgtLegend of helping with some updates to the javascript that is used, we were able to bring you a good working antibot system for your Evo site. Well, last week, I started re-working the admin side and re-designed it a bit and produced a new and better system. making it even easier to install and configure. I was also able to build in a new 4th check into the system. Now I am releasing it publicly to all of you. Here are the list of checks it does:

  • Nuke Wait Script - This script puts in a function so if they click the "Continue" button to fast, it will kill there registration and stop them right in their tracks. Most bots will fill out the registration info within a few seconds, where a human will take between 25 - 60 seconds, if not more. So for the human aspect of it, there is a JS countdown timer over the "Continue" button that will tell them to please wait till the timer is done, then once the time is up, it will tell them they are okay to click the "Continue" button.

  • Hidden Form Field - This snip-it of a code that will be put in is a fake hidden form field. This hidden form field will remain blank and hidden to all users, if a bot answers the hidden question, it will again, stop him in his tracks and he will go no further.

    I also hid the code using JS because most bots which I been reading up and read the HTML aspect of input if it is hidden or not. I know I could have used CSS, but I wanted to make this as easy to install as I could with as little edits as possible.

  • Text Removal - This here is the latest addition to this script which puts in a section that has off to the left of it a flashing "Antibot" and the form field is pre-filled in with information telling them to "Delete All Of This Text!". I also named that field "company" in hopes that if a bot does remove the text, it will fill in the information with a company name or something. As long as there is something in that field, it will kill the operation and stop them in their tracks.

  • ( NEW ) - Q&A Check - This check has been used on phpbb3 and what they have said it has some great success with using it. The way it works is it is turned off by default, but to use it, all you would need to do is come up with a question that is not easily looked up on Google and put it in the question field. Then put the answer to your question in the answerfield and make sure you activate the check. If they answer it wrong, then it will stop them. This system strips any case letters you put in so don't say something like, say WORD, because it would just be word with all lowercase letters.



Those images there show you the admin side of the script.

If you like to test the script and see it live, visit this link below,
Please login to see this link
Get registered or Log in

(This is the older Raven version. new one is on its way, but is pretty much the same thing.)

then try registering twice, first time, click the "Continue" button before the timer reaches 0, then the other time, wait till it tells you that your okay to click the button and see what happens. I did set this up to work off of 45 seconds instead of 15 seconds because 15 seconds is a little too fast for most everyone. But in the version you install it is 15 seconds which is what I highly recommend leaving it at.

I did disable the full completion of registering for it is just a test site and nothing more.

Updated on 4/1/2013 with changes suggested by SgtLegend from Xtreme Evo to help clean up the JS coding a bit. Thanks for that...

Updated on 5/5/2013 with a new addition to the script. Basically, this new feature I did will add a new step for new users to prove they are human. It is very simple to do. Basically, this is a input field like any other question, but it has one difference. That difference is that it is pre-filled in for you with a message, "Delete All Of This Text!". Off to the left of the input is the word "A n t i B o t:".

Updated on 5/8/2013 gave it a admin section with recordings of who is blocked using this script.

Updated on 3/12/2014 HoneyPot V2 is released.

Download from our Downloads section.


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