● Get to the East Pond with the Deinosuchus

Sun Mar 17, 2024 2:14 pm
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If you are looking to get to the East pond with the Deinosuchus, this is the route I had to take. Note, you have to do this as a fresh spawn. If you want to get any buffs before going, eat only fish and only get 1 buff. Anything more made me grow too fast. I just filled up while on the go, just eating schooling fish.


I found, on the last leg, fill up your stanima every time you come to a stop. Don't leave before you're at 100%. You should make it to the pond near the time you start dehydrating. Also, only look at your map and get your heading you need to go while you are regaining your stanima, that will save time which you will run short on.

Hope this helps any croc players that want to get there.

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