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Thu Nov 09, 2023 10:48 pm
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I started this script a while ago when I was first thinking about the Steam mod and what I wanted to do with it. This never got past just gathering some information, but a couple of days ago, Lonestar sent me a link to a cool project someone did for another game distribution service called rawg. I never heard of that, but it kind of reminded me of what I started. So I worked on it for a few hours and showed Lonestar. Well, today, I was bored, so I did a bit more to it and added more refined options to it.

Well, enough talking, check it out for yourself.
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What it is, is a display of the next upcoming games to be release on Steam. It is the next 100+/- popular games that will come out in the next (max of 8 weeks). It will only display the next 100 OR X amount in the next 8 weeks. So, if there is only 90 games coming out in the next 8 weeks, it will only show the 90. If it's 300, then it will show the next 100. The list gets updated every 24+ hours, depending on when the page was last visited. This was done, so Steam won't get bombarded with visits, especially since this is NOT done with any API's.

This is something that I may turn into a module for others to use, or just release the script as is. I don't know, that will be up to if there is any traction of people that want this for their site.

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