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Mon Mar 27, 2023 5:14 pm
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I just want to push this warning out, I know it's nothing new, but just don't fall for it.

The message that was sent to me was:
take 50$ https;//steanmsconmnunnity.com/1084252996132

I disabled the link, so it's not clickable.

Just looking at the URL, I knew something was wrong:
In the word "steam", they put an "n", along with a "s" at the end. Next issue is how they spell community. It's not "conmnunnity". I know a few people that have fallen for this type of phishing attack in the past, usually because the message was sent from a compromised Steam account, so even if you know them, it takes only a couple of seconds to check the URL to see if anything is funky or not.

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