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Must be married.
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Before we start, this is a book. This is what happens when I get annoyed and I have to set some records straight.

Okay, recently, I have been mistaken for other people, for example, over on another site, I was suspected by someone as being "ReOrGaNiSaTiOn". Well, last night, I was being confused for being "nuken". I am sorry, but when I was asked if I was nuken from RN, I started laughing because he was one of the few RN developers I liked and was friends with. I will get more into that later. I figured, since some of the OG people that have been around like to give me credit for being other people, I said hey, I will make a post setting some facts about me and my alter aliases I have used.

Backstory of pre-nuke
Well, who am I. Those of you that have been around since I joined the clan here, I think 2 of you, maybe 3, would remember that I went by the username of DreAdeDcoRpSE. That stuck with me until I joined this clan. Once I became a member, I had to put on the clan tags in game and with the color code added to my name, I maxed out the character limit. So my username went on a diet and I went from DreAdeDcoRpSE to just coRpSE. That was back in 2004. At that time, I was just starting to learn PHP and HTML using a little system call PhpBB. I believe it was phpbb2.0.14 I started on??? It's been so long, so I digress. For about a year, I messed around with the coding of the system and I started hacking it up to control the rest of my site, which was a static HTML site. But by modifying the system, i was able to make sections hidden unless you were logged in, also made it, so you can login anywhere on the site. I was really getting into making my own CMS before I knew what a CMS was. Well, the owner of our sister clan, (FOD), pointed out to me about PHPNUKE and asked why I just didn't use that since they already did what I was doing, (I felt like an idiot, but then was pointed out that I did more work in a year by my self than most would do in 3 years.).

First Introduction into Nuke/ClanThemes, then we got hacked
When I first installed PHPNuke, I think it was PHPNuke 7.9, I am not positive since it was a long time ago. When I went to expand our site, that's when I first found clanthemes.co.uk. Well, it was pretty shortly after we got onto phpnuke, (within a year or two), I think around 2007, our website was hacked. For some of you that have been around since those days, maybe remember a small module called vWar. vWar was an awesome scrim/tournament match system for nuke that just had all the bells and whistles. The problem was, that opened up a huge security issues which allowed SQL injection into the database and from there, they could do a lot of damage. Because of this attack, my site was eventually shut down by our host, and we were forced to move.

We moved, and went to something better
When I moved, I made it a point to get into something better, so I set up our site to use RavenNuke, (which only lasted about 2 weeks). Mind you, at this time, nobody really knew who I was in the nuke community. In the PHPBB forums, I was known there for what I did and others trying to copy what I did, as well as testing new mods and being pretty fast at pointing out any bugs. It wasn't until I met a guy named Bayler that I ever look at or even touched Evo. I forgot where we were talking, I don't remember if it was AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or XFire, but I believe we were talking on one of those systems, and he understood my frustration with RavenNuke and how they were stuck in the past and refusing to wiggle a little bit from the vanilla experience of phpnuke.

My first introduction to Evo
So, I installed Nuke Evolution onto my site, and he was right, I fell in love with the system right away. (it was moving the blocks that did it for me). If you know anything about PHPNuke or RavenNuke, especially at that time, you'll understand. Right away, I found doing anything and everything up to that moment in time was harder, and I felt doing anything for Evo was a bit easier. Over the next year, I started playing around with graphic work, still doing some edits to scripts, but I really was playing with Flash a lot. I started making these game specific splash screens which I ended up starting to sell over in the ClanThemes marketplace

Becoming a ClanThemes admin/staff
At the same time I was doing the splash screens and very minor blocks/module, people were asking for support on Nuke Evolution over on ClanThemes, and the guys, (Floppy, Ped, and Noto), tried their best to help, but they were all familiar with RavenNuke. Luckily, 99% of the issues that were asked, I had already experienced myself and worked out the issues for my self, so I was able to provide specific support on that site. Well, after about a year of me providing the support and actually really helping people, I got a PM from both Floppy and then Ped asking if I would be willing to join the CT team as their Evo expert. I did explain to them, I am still learning to code and the only reason I have been able to help them is because I have experienced the issue before and figured it out for my self, or I would do in depth searches to see if I could possibly come up with a solution. I was told that it was because of that, that they wanted me. I just didn't randomly throw out suggestions like many others that wouldn't even be close to what the issue was. So I accepted and joined their team.

Over the years there, I ended up growing with my coding and both Ped and Floppy were pushing me to do more. One day, I was looking at my site and saw that I didn't like the downloads' system we had, and I had seen the one with Evo Xtreme, and wanted to have that on my site. I ended up contacting SgtLegend over on Xtreme and introduced my self and told him, I was running the latest version of Nuke Evolution, and wanted to stick with it, but I did like the Downloads module that they had and asked if it was okay if I stripped that out and put it on my site. I know, It's OS and I didn't need permissions, but, I am not like that, so I asked, and I got the permission to do so.

My first fight within the Nuke community
Well, over the course of about 4 months, I stripped the module out and put it on my site, then I saw improvements and features that I wanted. Once I put it over on my site, in less than a day, I had over a dozen requests for the system I was using. Most of them were Evo Xtreme users and a lot of the changes were hard coded in. After about a week of getting asked by lots of people, I agreed to release it, but they had to give me a couple of weeks to code in admin controls. At this time, I really haven't coded anything big, some minor info modules where were simple HTML pages that displayed pretty much everything you needed to know about what ever game I covered.

With the help of a friend that would help with styling ques, I was able to finish up that module and pack it up for others. The next day I released the module for download over at ClanThemes and I think in the first day, we had something like 150 downloads. I ended up posting something on the ClanThemes news about the module, saying that the module is originally from Xtreme, but with permission, I was able to put it on my site, and I was releasing it with the upgrades I added to it for those that are running Nuke Evolution to use, or if you had Xtreme, you could upgrade. Everything went great for a few days, then Killigan showed up. His first post on there was saying that the module looked great, but too bad I didn't do any of it. He was telling me that Lonestar did it all, and I removed his credits. When I saw that, I laughed and shot back, asking, did he even read the main post. I even pointed out the section where I specifically said I am only taking credit for what I did, which had a list of 20+ functions that I added. As for the credits, I just added in mine for my contribution, and never removed any. He ended up replying again basically calling me a thief, so in a PM, I told him to go ask Lonestar, so he did, and after a few days, I got a PM from him apologizing and saying he was in the wrong. I told him to "Fuck Off" and if he was sincere about it, he would apologize in public and not in a PM. After a couple of days went by, I made a post to explain to everyone that I was right, and he was wrong, and it was all a mistake, and I fixed the release and put in Lonestar credits into it. (Just for posterity’s sake, he never apologized publically for that, which is why I still look at him as a pompous little bitch to this day).

My first real module
Well, after that whole ordeal, time went by, and I stayed away from the Xtreme site as much as I could, but still provided all the support over on ClanThemes. Around this time, I think it was Floppy changed the site from not just the .co.uk, but also to .com. For people that may think that makes a UK version and a US version, it doesn't. Just Like Evo Xtreme, there never was a "UK" version and a "US" version, both the .co.uk and the .com are the same, and please, oh please, stop saying there is. You know who you are, and I was there in the mist of it with Lonestar when the change in domains happened, you weren't. But, I digress.

One day, while working on something, my site got hit hard by bots. I think I had like 200+ registrations in that day, and they were all making post. One of my admins and I were all over that, deleting accounts and post, but we didn't want to keep doing that all day, (we wanted to game). After doing a quick search, I found a script that was designed for PHPBB, but I was able to modify it a bit to work on my site. It worked, but, I didn't really trust it or like it. It was basically a splash page that you had to answer a question to pass. You could use it on any site, but it was developed by a phpbb community member.

Over the course of a year, I started researching about bots, and how they worked, which lead me to write my first version of the Honeypot. This was a very basic script that had like 3 or 4 checks that was specifically designed for Nuke. The problem is, I wrote it like all mods for phpbb, which was telling you what files to edit. No offense to others, but, there are some out there that should never touch code, and some of you knew that. Well I released that first version to the public about 18 months after I started researching it, and right as soon as I released it, I talked to Noto from ClanThemes, and him and I pulled easily a 24+ hour code session where we took the basic HP, and built-in more function to it, built an ACP and block for it. You want to talk about sleep deprivation, If you came onto TeamSpeak when we coded that day, at about the mid point, Noto was up for about 32+ hours and I was coming up on 30 hours. Both him and I, which had full days before we started coding, were giggling like little school girls. By the end of it, both him and I were up for 40+ hours. The good ideas and stupid things like, if you moused over the Honeypot banner, your cursor would change to a honey bee, just poped in our heads and it was like being drunk, we were just coding that stuff in without giving any thoughts. We had quite a few people join in TeamSpeak and ask if we were high or drunk, thats how bad it was. That, to me was my best code session I ever had. I don't think I ever laughed so much as well.

My first dealings with nuken of RaveNuke Dev Team
Well, before I released the module, a guy on ClanThemes contacted me, and it turned out to be nuken, which owned a popular site called "trickedoutnews.com". He told me he had designed his own antibot system for RavenNuke, and it did a pretty good job. He told me it catches about 50 - 100 bots a day, and asked if I would like him to test my module on his site, and I was more than happy. We set up the test like this.

  1. First week, he would have his antibot called first, then mine, and we would see how many got by his and how many mine would catch.
  2. Second week, we flipped that. The Honeypot would be called first, then his.

After two weeks, we found that bots were getting by his antibot system, but mine, nothing got by. The second week, nothing got by mine, so his did nothing.
Here is the post I made on RN about the findings:

Today, I have released HoneyPot V2 for RavenNuke. Check the first thread for the download and information about it.

Over the past 2 weeks or so, nuken, (Owner of
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), has offered his site as a testing ground for the HoneyPot to test its effectiveness against bots registering on your site and posting. Over this time, as of now, there has been 2800 bot registration attempts on his site and 0 have gotten through. The way this script works is a series of checks after the person clicks the "Submit" button on the registration. Below is a image that show the order of how this system works, from the person coming to your site, then registering on your site, and once the click the submit button, the next series of checks are run in the order I show, from top going down to the bottom. If it gets stopped by any once of them, it will stop them and write the information to the DB for your records and being able to see it working. If they pass all the checks, it will proceed with allowing the completion of the registration.


Overall, I am not going to claim that this is 100% guarantee that it will stop bots, just because there are human bots and the bot technology continues to change and improve. But for now, I believe it is the best single system out there. I have looked at a few others out there for Raven and one thing I have found is all of them pretty much rely on outside blacklist to stop the registration. My system uses the API from stopforumspam.com, but that is the last checks in the system and pretty much uses them as a final check. All other actions of this script are actually physical checks designed to trick bots into failing.

I know some of you may have in the back of your mind that you want something that is unobtrusive and does the checks, well the nice thing about this is most of the checks are unobtrusive. There are 2 checks, which one requires them to delete some text, which is not hard. The other is a system where you can put in your own questions and answer. And the nice thing is, is that you can pick and choose which checks you want to use. You are not forced to use any or all of them.

Overall, this script has been being developed for over a year now and so far, the sites I know that are using this system have been bot free since the installed this script, and with each new release, I am looking at improving its function, so your site will continue being bot free.

A thanks has to go out to neralex for optimizing this script and to nuken for beta testing Version 2 of this script.


Overall, I just discuss that in 2 weeks, it had 2800 attempts, 0 successful registration. I did have some people of the RN community and staff start praising nukens antibot and calling mine a POS, and it wasn't until nuken stepped in and told them to STFU, and my script in every way was better than his. That thread got so toxic, that it ended up being deleted just because there were people that knew I was an Evo guy, and they had the mentality over there that if it wasn't designed with RavneNuke in mind, it was shit. That is why, when I made the video 8+ years ago on the Honeypot V2.1, I took a little jab at the RN community at the end of the video saying that the system is not obtrusive like some of them claimed.

I asked my friend why he thought I was nuken and he was part of that discussion/argument about HP being better than the RN one, and thought I was nuken because I defended the HP so much. Had to break it to him, I'm not him.

CT shuts down, I joined Xtreme Evolution
Around end of 2014, early 2015, I was approached by SgtLegend asking if I wanted to join the Xtreme support team, and I politely turned him down as I was still with ClanThemes and I still was pissed at the LB. A few months go by, and I am still providing support over at CT, and again, SgtLegend offered the position to me and again, I politely turned him down. I think it was near the end of 2015 that Killigan Pmed me and basically said, (not exact quote, just a paraphrased one),

Look, I know you hate me, but I don't know why. I am not really active here anymore, and you have been strong in the community, providing support to everyone. Despite your hate for me, you would be a great addition to the group, can we squash the past and move on.

Can you guess what I responded with?

I said no, and I told him why. I explained that I had 0 respect for him since he is willing to publically call someone out, but have no balls to publically admit when he was wrong. He responded back to me in a PM, but I didn't ever read it, I just deleted it and never saw him again. A few weeks later SgtLegend PMed me and understood why I was pissed, but also explained why they needed me, and at that time, I found out that CT was shutting down, so I responded back to SgtLegend that I will take a position here. That day, he upped my status with Xtreme, and no sooner did he do that, he disappeared. He popped in a few times when he set up a git and was trying to put Evo on it, but that didn't last long. That was around the first time I talked to Lonestar. Since then till now, not much has changed.

Summing up this book
It has been a long road, lots of ups and downs, but in the nuke community, I have only ever gone by 2 names and only 2. DreAdeDcoRpSE, then just coRpSE. If you think I might have been this other person, or that other person, well guess what? It wasn't me.

Now, in game, that is a different story. Back in 2005, I made a "ruse" script. I also made about a dozen websites for it. I was tired of hackers in the game I played, (RTCW), and PunkBuster, well, wasn't a thing in RTCW 1.0. So, I built a system which looked like a mombot. I claimed it had a WH, glowshells, ESP, and Aimbot. I found a video of a real hack and put that video with my script. The problem is, when they went to activate my script, it would delete all their binds, change thier FOV to 9000, and change their mouse sensitivity in the game to max. It also ran a bunch of movements where I made your character look like it was doing the waltz, while your character in chat would say that you were trying to hack and got busted for it. In that time, with that script, I went by the secret name of DaHax. But I also had in-game usernames like KlingonYourButt, NotYou, BobBarker, and so on. Those aliases were when I got reports of admins in my clan abusing their powers, and I had to come in with a name they wouldn't recognize me. I also picked names that could be a bit demeaning if you happened to get killed by me.

Other than that, that's my History with the community, I am not going to list all the blocks, modules, and scripts I have developed, but I can say this, with Xtreme Evolution, there are only 5 default scripts that I wrote.

  1. HoneyPot
  2. ReCaptcha
  3. Admin Login Fail Checker
  5. ECalendar

The new mentions system I just release will be another. I know I need to update the ECalendar with a couple of this to improve it. If you look at that list, what do most of those have in common, security of a sort. So 99.8% of everything in the CMS is not mine, and I take no credit for it, so if you think I might of, well, more and likely not.

The End.
If you actually read this, congrats. This was me just venting so people can stop guessing if I were these other people they think I was.

Sun Mar 26, 2023 6:25 am
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Well I did read the whole post and it was very interesting read.
You and Lonestar have always been so helpful with any issues I have had with my squad site. It would not exist without your excellent support.
Keep up the great work and ignore those who are just jealous of your ability to do what they cannot.
Mon Mar 27, 2023 9:43 am
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Must be married.
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Thank you.
It used to be longer. My first draft was about double in length. A good chunk that I removed was specific to the Honeypot and just the development of it with people helping like nuken and neralex, along with more stuff at CT. Another semi large chunk was about 5STAR and the modifications for the Downloads module. Like the honeypot, if people would like to know more about those, I am okay wither writing that as something separate, I just felt it wasn't suited to be in this main post. Both of them had a lot of that was rambles or went too specific, so I removed those parts. I did try to title each big change that happened, and I don't believe there were any real big things I left out.

I did have a funny story about my first dealings with Raven from RavenNuke, but again, I thought that didn't fit, so I removed it. Just say, the short version, he contracted me to make a few images, and I did, and one of them was a banner. He liked the banner, but thought it would be hard to read if you were visually impaired. After making 15 different banners with different fonts, I resent him the very first one I did, and he responded that it was perfect and was exactly what he was looking for.  kopf gegen wand

Mon Mar 27, 2023 4:23 pm
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Nothing wrong with venting Corpse, you go ahead buddy.  I also managed to read it all and have to agree with what Bulldog1 says.

I remember Clanthemes from back in the day, with PED & yourself (DreadedCorpse at that time) helping me with my first issues.
I have only known you go by 2 names all the time I have been using the CMS, and both you have mentioned in your post.

I have always found yourself & Lonestar to go above and beyond in ways of support for this CMS and that is one of the reasons why I have been using it ever since.

If I had your knowledge of coding, I would gladly help you guys out but unfortunately my knowledge is minimal in comparison.

I would love it if you guys got more help from other coders. It would at least take some of the man hours and stress you guys have to endure.
Mon Mar 27, 2023 5:17 pm
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I read the entire post. I definitely remember the Vwar days, it was an excellent mod but like you said the security was crap. I had my clan site hacked as well using that system.

I also had some issues with killigan back when he first opened DFG-Designs he asked me to be a designer. But after a year I decided to open my own designs site at that time it was GAK-Designs

He was mad at me for doing so, and called me a bunch of names then banned me from the website and the teamspeak 3. He had another guy that was a admin over there may have been Sgt legend but I could be wrong. I recall the other guys name being Marty!

And did you say Xfire omg that brings back so many memories! That app was the shit back then. I also remember using vent.

I remember several guys from back in the day with in the nuke community. I started with php-nuke then went to Platinum Nuke, then Evolution,and then xtreme.

I think you are an excellent developer and respect you 100%. I love the content you make and hope to see more great things in the future.

Keep up the great work and let them haters be haters. You know you are great at what you do.
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