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Sun Nov 13, 2022 4:03 pm
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Okay, this week's update will be short, well, by my standards. No pictures this week, but I may release something mid-week. Well, if you have been keeping up with the project, you may notice I have plans going in, but then I usually change them for another idea. My original goal was to have it like the old system where, if you applied, you would click on a button, (usually to another module that had a form), then you submit the form, and it went to the forums.

Well, early last week, I was relaxing playing some SHATTERLINE with friends, when a thought popped in my head, why not just build it all in one system. So, that night, I started on just that. Right now, I would say it's about 90% functional. Right now, if just say one of my fake accounts challenges the TC, it puts me in a list of challengers. Depending on when I signed up, is where I fall in that list. Once registered, I can not register again until after my match, and my time period is up. (time system not done yet).

On the TC side, when I go into the TC controls, there is a section at the bottom, which shows the current challengers, but only the 1st in line is shown with "Accept" and "Decline" buttons. If they accept, a PM will be sent to the challenger informing them that you accepted and also have a marking in the ACP side of the module showing that you have accepted. It will also mark that time and give you X time to do the match and report a win or loss.

I still have to write the PM system, as well as all the timer functions and what not, so there is still a lot to do. Just know, in the coming weeks, development will slow down, but I will still post about what I am doing on it.

>> One thing I might do is build some of these settings into a config file instead of putting it into a database, just trying to think of speed. What do you guys think, would you rather edit it in the ACP, or have to physically edit a file?

Updated list of things that need to get done.
*    Add Champion
*    Forum Thread
*    TC Listing w/delete
*    Show last 5 - 20 option - Have records go for 40.
*    Add DB table for TC user and win count
*    Add Games
*    Edit Games
*    Delete Games
   Add in the time limits between accepting and doing the matches
   Add in wait times for between

   PM system
*    Accept / Decline form submission
   Timer functions for accepting/doing the challenge
   Win / Loss - system to either remove last challenger or promote the new winner
   Forum Posting - REMOVED, Handling everything internal
*    Add Games
*    Edit Games
*    Delete Games
*    build function that will update players win count. Need both adding points and removal of points. (This is for forum/profile mod)
*    Add/Remove Champion
*    Reset default upon change of TC

Champion Controls:
*    Available days & times
*    Add Games
*    Hide Games
*    Function to allow TC to change the medal to the one they like to have below their name.
*    Challenger request / list
*    Accept / Decline buttons

Front End:
*    Challenge form
*    General Layout
*    Rules

Back End:
   invest time organizing the language file for ease of use.

Final before release:
   House Clean
   Local Testing
   Find Testers and have them test & give feed back

More info on Win / Loss function:
The function needs to do many things at once. Luckily, I have some of the functions already built.
For the "Win" side, I need to have it delete the challenger, while marking him unable to register for x days. (need a new table). With that, I will need a new function to lock down them trying to register if they are blocked.

For the loss side, I will need to build a function to go along with my already established "house clean" function, which will clear out all challengers since new champions will start with no challenges. Also, need to build a protection period function that won't allow anyone to challenge till the next day, so the champion has 1 day of protection once awarded.

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