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Sun Oct 30, 2022 8:23 pm
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Welcome to Week 2 of these update series, also, Happy Halloween!
Just a heads-up, long post. This week, a lot has changed. I was able to get in touch with Emerald Dragon on Discord, and I screen shared what I had thus far, and with his help and suggestions, more has been added and adjusted. I also had a couple of thoughts on additions to the system and I wondered if adding them was worth it, and after discussing it, I found it was.

So, let's see what on the workflow has changed:

*    Add Champion
*    Forum Thread
*    TC Listing w/delete
*    Show last 5 - 20 option - Have records go for 40.
*    Add DB table for TC user and win count
*    Add Games
*    Edit Games
*    Delete Games

   PM system
   Forum Posting
*    Add Games
*    Edit Games
*    Delete Games
*    build function that will update players win count. Need both adding points and removal of points. (This is for forum/profile mod)
*    Add/Remove Champion

Champion Controls:
   Available days & times
   Add Games
   Edit Games
   Delete Games
   Function to allow TC to change the medal to the one they like to have below their name.

Front End:
   Challenge form
*    General Layout
*    Rules

Back End End:
   invest time orginizing the language file for ease of use.

Final before release:
   House Clean
   Local Testing
   Find Testers and have them test & give feed back

As you can see from the above workflow, things were added and a bunch of stuff crossed off. Many of you may look at that and think there isn't much to what I have done, but you have to understand, some of these functions, I need to write them, so it's 1 functions, but works different on both player side and admin side. By me doing it this way, will make it, so I can have fewer files and less code.

So, what has changed with this update?
Let's start with a new image of what the admin backend looks like now.


You can see that now at the top, you can set the amount of players you want to show in the TC listing. It is in increments of 5, so you have the option of 5, 10, 15, or 20. Max is going to be 20, but default is 10.

Below that option, you have an option to select a specific forum that will have the TC post go to. Instructions on how to get that ID will be done with a short looping animation that I have not done yet. I will probably have it open in a popup or something like that, or I will just do a storyboard image. That will be one of the last things that will get done.

Below that is what you saw that I had done last week, where you can add new champions manually. The thing that wasn't there was the listing below. You will see that the top player has a star to the far right. That signifies that they are the current Champion. I also have the username color added to it along with if you click on their names, it will bring you to their profiles. And of course, you can see the trash button to delete.


With this image, you can see that I have started to bring those functions to the frontend. That is the same function showing the TC, I just have it set, so it only shows the delete buttons when viewing the list from the ACP.

(If you guys think I should have it on both, just only showing for admins, I could do that, I just did it the way I prefer it to be.)

I also now have it in the challenge button and the name above the medal show correctly the current TC.


I like to thank both
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Please login to see this link
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for submitting a couple of images for different medals for people to use. I am hoping that others jump on board and submit a few more, but I will take what I got. While writing this post, I actually thought of another function, so I put it in my list of "things to do", which is to write a function for the TC to choose what image they like to use. (For security reasons, all images added would need to be uploaded through FTP to a specific folder), that way, the site owner who adds the module can control what medals are available.

Now, if you made it this far, PLEASE, if you see anything that you think should be changed, added, or have any comments/thoughts, please, speak up. I am open to all new idea's. Till next week, have a good one.

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