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Wed Oct 26, 2022 7:42 pm
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Okay, this is the first status report that I am doing for this module to keep you guys updated, but also have you guys have a chance for you guys to chime in with any suggestions. So far, it may not look like I got much done, but there is more to it than what you will see.


That is the admin back end so far. What you see there is 100% functional. The drag & drop for the reordering of the default game listing is working, and before anyone asks, the reason there is a drag & drop reordering listing system for the game sis because of an article I read years ago that covered the psychology of the "Serial Position Effect". It basically concludes that people tend to gravitate/remember the first and last of a list, and the middle is meh. Since I wanted this system for the Tournament Champion controls, why not put it for the admin, especially, if this is run for years, it may be nice to have, so you can move them around. Now that it is working, I do need to move the function to the global file rather than just the admin.

The Add Champion function is working, but I am wondering if I want to have a remove system along with a listing of the names of the current/past champions. I am not sure on that. Right now, I have it set up to only allow you to add a champion if they are registered on your site. If there is nobody by the name, it will tell you that, that user doesn't exist. This is done because this TC system is going to PM the champion whenever they get a challenge.

Here is my current list of "Things to do".
Things that need to get done.
*    Add Champion
   Forum Thread
*    Add Games
*    Edit Games
*    Delete Games

Champion Controls:
   Available days & times
   Add Games
   Edit Games
   Delete Games

Front End:
   Challenge form
   Forum Post System
   PM System
*    General Layout
*    Rules

Final before release:
   House Clean
   Local Testing
   Find Testers and have them test & give feed back

Items marked with a * and struck out are already done.
If you guys see anything I am missing, or have suggestions, let me know.

Thu Oct 27, 2022 11:08 am
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Thanks coRpSE, looking very good, i will make suggestions shortly.
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