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Mon May 09, 2022 12:59 pm
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Must be a looser...
Hello everyone. As by the titles of the thread, you can see, I am remaking the Tournament Champion module. Thanks to Ped from ClanThemes, I was able to get a copy of the original TC module. I only needed it for the rules. None of the coding is going to be used. For you guys thinking this is going to be a run-of-the-mill tournament module, it's not. This module is based off of the
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I played as a young child.

In a nutshell, one person starts as the champion. I suggest having a little skirmish and the winner is name TC. Once you have a champion, then people can challenge. That champion will have their name displayed on the module's home page, also a block if the site puts the block in, but also has a forum banner. They keep all that till a challenger knocks them out of that position, at that point, they get knocked down and have to wait to challenge once again. There are more to the rules, and I will share those when the module gets developed, but, at this stage, what I posted should give you a good idea in the direction I am going with this module.

Here is the basic function layout of the module here:
     Front Page:
             current winners
             challenge button

     Past Champions:
             Last 5? / 10? / 20? / all? (May add option in back end for admin preference).
             Champion name | start date - end date

             about the module and the concept.

     (Challenge (popup model? / new page?)):
             Dates available to play
             time available

             ( PM?/Forum Post? ): - Should be a PM only, or, make forum post when challenge is accepted or denied.
                           Challenge information
                           Accept link/button
                           Decline link/button

     Current Champion
     Challenge Button

What this is the layout I like to make, so I know what to work on and what each page I need to do. By doing this, I can get a basic vision of all the functions I need, then from there, build that backend, then the front end. There are still something that I am thinking on, and those are dictated by a question mark, (?), after it saying I am not sure if I want to have this function or go a different route. This generally takes the most amount of time for my development, for if I can iron out most of the functions/design, I can quickly build it.

Now, if you can follow what is going on up there, and you have any thoughts or suggestions, go ahead and post it. Remember, this is not a typical "tournament" module, so don't ask for brackets or anything like that.

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