● Where is the other guy?

Sat Aug 14, 2021 6:59 pm
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Yesterday, I was playing some solos, and it was a slow game. I haven't really seen anyone until near the end of the match, (last 5 min or so). Well, the circle gets pretty small, so I suspect someone in the bunker hiding, and I was guessing the 3rd guy to be either on top of the bunker or in the grass, So I throw my Reaper bag to hope that hides some of my sound as well as draws them out, (it didn't). So I go invisible and run over to the top of the bunker hoping to find the 3rd guy there, well he wasn't. So while I am on top of the bunker, I am looking for that 3rd guy, and that is where this video starts. I will use my invisibility special ability to get into the bunker.

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