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Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:52 pm
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This is a long post. The first section is what the concept of it is, and the other is about the module.
Please read and comment. The question is below in yellow.

The Idea Behind the Module:

For those of you that have been around for many years, may remember a half-assed module that I made many years ago called "Tournament Champion". The concept and foundation of the module came when a clan member of mine and I were talking about games that we played as kids, well, at the time I think he was like 14, so it was more of games I played as a kid and games he may have played. Somehow, we got onto the game, King of the Hill, which sparked a thought for what became the Tournament Champion Module.

The idea is this, your clan needs to be playing a game that can be played privately and 1 vs 1, then basically, you figure out how you want to do it, but we did a free for all and the last man standing started off as the "Tournament Champion". Now, just say I was the TC, (Tournament Champion), and you wanted my crown. Well, you would put in a request and if I accepted, then we would fight, and if I won, you couldn't challenge me for 2 weeks. If I lost, I could do an immediate callout and IF you accepted, then we would fight again and if you won, you were the new TC, if you lost, it would come back to me, and we would have to do a 3rd challenge. Now, if you decided to not accept the challenge, then you would become the new TC and I would go to the end of the list.

Now, lets restart that, and I am back as TC. Well, if you challenged me, you would have to set a date that we would fight at, and once I accepted, we are locked in, nobody can challenge me before that date, but, people could put in for challenges after that in hopes that I stay TC. But, if I lose my crown to say you, now all previous challenges would be removed and all challengers would have to retry, but, again, I wouldn't be able to challenge you for 2 weeks.

Now, lets say, I fight you and I loose, then you fight our good friend bob, and bob whoops your butt, and becomes new TC. Now, I could challenge him now even though my 2-week cool down is not over because the crown has exchanged hands at least once after I lost it.

The Module

Okay, that was a lot to take in, but that was basically how it worked. The module on the other hand, all that did was show who was the current TC, past TC's, and allowed people to crudely challenge you. Well, once again, I was talking to a clan member of mine, and it was brought up again, and I started thinking that I may be able to improve upon this system and do some sort of integration right into the ECalendar module.

Heck, even when the mentions system finishes being developed, then that would be used, so people know when they have been challenged.
You can see what that is all about here:
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So, just asking before I get started making this module once again, what do you guys think?
Do you think remaking this module is something those in the Evo community would use? I know my guys in my clan would use it as we have a little ego about our selves within the clan, (Everyone just wants to kill me.).

I wish I still had some screenshots of it. If any of you have any, feel free to post it.
Well, let me know what you think because I really would like to hear from all of you on this.

Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:28 pm
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I remembered seeing this module somewhere along the line before. Just don't remembered where. LOL!  lol But it will be a great addition to EVO!

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