● Bug fixed with Recaptcha and the Repository on this site

Sat Oct 27, 2018 12:12 am
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I was recently informed that people were not able to comment in our Repository/Downloads section, and that was my bad. When I built the Recaptcha addition to the CMS and edited the core files, I attempted to go through all the file and verify I got every location in which the captcha was. Well, I overlooked the comment section on the Repository section and for the past 8+ months now, you have been unable to comment on a download. Well, i just fixed that with a few edits. I will make sure these edits get to Lonestar so if he wants to make a change, he can to how I did it before I put the change into the release of the Evo Xtreme 2.0.9E php 7.x update coming soon.
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