● TeamSpeak: focus on gaming; Version 5.0 planned for the Q4

Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:44 pm
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TeamSpeak: focus on gaming; Version 5.0 planned for the end of 2018


The VoiP provider TeamSpeak tries with a new design and the release of the new client "TeamSpeak 5" (end of the year) to respond to the growing competition as Discord or Ventrilo in the field of voice software solutions on the Internet.

The manufacturer writes:Here fans have the opportunity to acquire exclusive and limited merchandise of their favorite language software. Further details about the TeamDeals will follow shortly. "


Commenting on the new design, Ian Bamford, CEO of TeamSpeak USA, Inc., said: "We are starting a new chapter with TeamSpeak, which will be opened by the new design and a revamped homepage, when I see that we are currently working on limited merchandise, one With a host of new features, including a twitch integration, and especially the new TS5 client, I am looking forward to this fiscal year and looking forward to the future, our goal is to provide our TeamSpeakCommunity with what it deserves and continue to offer our service on a world-class level. "

The company emphasizes:From now on there will be further broadcasts focusing on video games, cosplay and entertainment. All formats will continue to be developed and broadcast by All Your Base. "

Source: TeamSpeak & 4players.de

My Thoughts -

 Overall, as you all know, we have both TS3 and Discord, but very few of us use Discord. It's no lie that Discord is decent in its own way, but, I don't and will not consider it as a replacement for TeamSpeak, If anything, it's a replacement for Skype. It's also a well known fact that Discord records data and does handle some of their data that they collect in a manor that to me is still a bit sketchy. They do go over what they do with it, (
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), but they are very vague in exactly what they are doing with it. With that, I am skeptical, especially of late with whats going on with FaceBook.

Overall, I can't wait to see what they do with it and for one, I really hope they come out with a free version of a app that can be used on phones. Their paid app is a bit of a disappointment and not worth the money.
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