● Windows Update Draining Your CPU?

Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:43 pm
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I don't know if any of you have ever noticed your PC looping into an endless cycle during it's attempt to Add Windows Updates, But I have had this problem.
This will cause a drain of CPU From anywhere of 15% to 50% of your CPU!

I have found a solution if you notice this is happening.
First to check if this is happening to you Hit Control/Alt/Del all at once to get your Windows Task Manager to open.
Then click on the Tap "Performance" at the top. Once opened look to the bottom and left click on "Resource Monitor".
This will open a second window and in the Tab on the top Left click on "CPU" Look then in the middle under "Services" and you will see it say "Wuauserv" and or "Netservice". Look at the % of use next to that function and it will tell you how much CPU is being Looped for Absolutely Nothing!
I say Absolutely Nothing because it is looping trying to Download and Install Windows Updates that have already failed to install on your machine or are corrupt.
Mine was eating 15%.
Ask Corpse, I have been trying to stop this for a couple of months. It would come and Go whenever it seems to want to. Even if I disable windows updates.
You can Right Click on "Wuauserv" and left click "Stop Service", But Guess What?
To permanently Stop this, I have found Two ways.
The First way is Creating a Bat File that renames the file "Tricking" it into not looping described in this website.
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The Second way (and I did them both) is hosted on a Youtube video here....
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I know this sounds like an obscure problem, but researching it has show lots of people have had this happen to their Machines.....
Hope it helps someone in the Future.

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