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Mon May 30, 2016 3:26 pm
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▼ How to Enter Contest ▼

1) Click
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2) Complete the (4) required actions
3) Optionally complete bonus actions for more chances to win

▼ Contest Information ▼
Contest starts on 5/27 and runs through 11:59PM CDT on June 10th. A winner will be selected at random through the gleam contest management system and the winner will be contacted via email. The winner must respond to that email within 48 hours otherwise they forfeit and another winner will be selected until the prize is successfully claimed.

▼ Puget Systems Build Specifications ▼

Fractal Design Define R5 (Titanium Grey) Case
ASUS Z170-A Motherboard
Intel i7 6700K
Crucial 16GB DDR4-2133
ASUS Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB Quiet
400GB Intel 750 PCI-E SSD (2200 MB/s)
2.0TB Western Digital Red 5400
ASUS 24x DVD-RW Drive
** see additional specs @
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Good luck to everyone!

▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) There is no way that system is worth $2800.
A) They are not shipping you a box of components to build your own computer. This is a fully built and extremely well tested system. If you watch my other videos you will see that Puget Systems has several hundred check points on each system and it goes through rigerous testing both burn in and hands on. They also take each and every machine into a sound and heat controlled room and conduct FLIR testing and give you a book with all the temp readouts of the hot spots in the system and optimize airflow for the components selected. They even design their own inserts for the cases that are custom laser cut to place fans in the optimal locations to run at low speed and maximize air flow. A lot of people just look at this as a box of parts giveaway but you're actually buying a computer that is guaranteed to run like a Swiss swatch in an amazing warranty and a huge amount of additional information that is online and in a book they provide to you including a screen shot of every single BIOS entry and the thermal imaging stuff. They also give you free labor on upgrades for the life of the computer. Just watch this video, it should clear things up!
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Q) This is such a scam. This will only give youtubers more subscribers to their channel and make them more money. I want to see how they pick the winner then we can talk.
A) Since you're new around here I'll explain things for you and other people that might think this. The winner is picked by a 3rd party called which is an online contest company that is designed to keep this completely 100% fair and random. We have absolutely no control over who gets selected as the winner when the contest ends. Also the winner of the system will be announced publicly at the end of the contest and if they don't respond another winner will be picked until someone takes delivery of the system which is clearly stated in the video. Also realize we are partnered with ASUS, Fractal Design and Puget Systems which are all huge reputable companies that have zero interest in scamming anyone since they stand to gain a significant social media following from this contest if they stay on the level and they need to retain those people through being honest. Also to address your other observation this contest is to gain more social media following for the parties involved, nobody just gives away a $2800 computer without standing to gain something from it. There is no such thing as free, you're actually paying to use YouTube right now by watching advertisements and if you chose to use ad-block out of protest for people making a living you're still making them money through the collection of analytical data from your viewing patterns and how long you watch certain content. The difference here is that this contest is completely transparent and it's very clear from the actions what all the parties involved are trying to gain and that should be enough for people to decide if they want to enter or not. Now that you know how it all works do you still think this is a scam?

Q) Does it come with an operating system?
A) Yes, it will come with a copy of Windows 10 pre-installed, configured and vetted.

Q) Is the S&H included?
A) Yes, the winner will receive the PC free of charge. S&H is included anywhere in the world so long as it's legal. If you have import taxes, etc that might need to be covered by you.

Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:48 am
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5 days left on this contest.

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