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Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:55 pm
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I know this has been requested a few times. A couple of days ago, Ped opened up ClanThemes for a few hours so both him and I can get in and get some files. In that time, I did a search and a very long time ago, it was asked for Evo 2.0.7 and Floppy pointed to a file, but it was not designed to work on 2.0.7 and that person had some errors.

I went in and got the file and after some changes, I was able to get it working on Xtreme. Attached below is the mod in question.


Just to make it easier, I repacked it with the pre-modified files so it should be an easy install onto your site.

A little about the mod. The mod changes it so who ever is the current "Group Moderator", becomes the Group Owner, and as a group owner, all you have to do is click the checkbox next to the person or people you want as moderators of the group and click the button marked "Grant/Ungrant Mod Status".

From there, those mods can add or remove people from that group. The only person they can is the Group Owner and they can not promote anyone to Moderator of that group.


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