Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:24 pm
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I know most of you probably have noticed already, but ClanThemes is down. Ped ended up shutting the site down. I personally wished he gave a bit of a heads up, but he did tell me he may try uploading everything to some sort of cloud hosting or something. He just does not want all that data to disappear. For the mean time, I will still continue support here on my site and also over at Evo Xtremes site. So if you need support. Those are the places to go. I am sure Lonestar will also provide support on his site as well.

Sorry for the short notice, I did not know either so don't shoot the messenger.

Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:42 pm
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I liked Clan Themes because it gave me a place to go look for modules, blocks, etc. for my website even though most of the time it wasn't compatible.  I fixed some of the easy stuff though  lol

The question I wanted to ask is what of those who paid for the subscription service?   hrm  weinen  

Thanks for the info coRpSE.  You've always been the only one to take time out to help us and tell us what's really going on!!

Love Ya   zunge zeigen
Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:53 pm
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At this moment of time, all I know is you should not get a renewal notice. But i would also make sure through Paypal that you are not on any kind of renewal plan. As for the files, basically, all i have is what Ped had told me which I posted in the first post. There is not much more I can say because I just don't know. Sorry.

I don't know if there subscription renewed like that, but if it did, and you don't know how to turn it off in paypal, watch this:
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I did have contact with Lonestar about ClanThemes and he did say that between all 3 of our sites, Xtreme Evo, Lonestars modules, and here), we will handle the support like we did at ClanThemes.

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