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This is yet another survival game in the long list of them that is in development. The difference between this and games such as The Forest, ARK, H1Z1, Day Z,  ect... is that this game is what most of use that have played these games wished was put in. So far, what i have read and watched on this game makes me a bit excited because it seems to be the truest game towards survival in a zombie apocalypse game. This game, that is not even in the Alpha stage of development already surpasses most other games in the sense of survival and overall quality. What do I mean, let me explain.

Dynamic weather/seasons with daylight savings time. A day in game is between 40 - 60 min real world time which makes a year of time in game is roughly 12 - 15 days real time. I have not heard of a game going that in-depth on that aspect.

Overall, considering this is early stages of development and being made by a very small indie team which now has a staff of 10, they are well on their way. Here is an image from the first stress test to what is coming in the next one, (should be soon).


Overall, its a game I would keep my eye on, and if it looks like something that you like to give a try, i recommend backing them and pre-order it. By backing, you will get in on the stress test, Alpha, beta, and full release of the game.

Here is a video from the first stress test,

and this video here is their latest one before the next stress test.

Also, I have to say, I like to see this, A change log. Daybreak needs to take some ques from this company,
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If it looks interesting, and you like to pre-order, go here:
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or visit their forums and check out the rest of their site.

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