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Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:34 pm
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I am currently putting together a "newer" twitch account so I can start broadcasting again. I am looking to set up a set schedule on doing it. I am looking at broadcasting both H1Z1 and WarThunder. If you see me in TS3 with a *BC* before my name, that means I am broadcasting. If you like to join in with me on the game I am in, feel free to hop in.

Right now I am just working on ironing out a few bugs with OBS. I made the flaw of giving my nephew my old PC which I could have used for broadcasting, so right now I am running off all one machine until I can save up to get a second PC just for streaming, along with a few other do-da's that I need.

Once I get everything ironed out, then I will have a set schedule I will be going by.
My new channel is
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Feel free to stop by on the stream if your not doing anything. Follow if you like it.

Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:35 am
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Okay, I have officially posted my schedule for streaming.

New Schedule:
  • Sunday - Off / Random
  • Monday - Off / Random
  • Tuesday - Off / Random
  • Wednesday - 6PM EST - H1Z1 BR
  • Thursday - 6PM EST - H1Z1 BR
  • Friday - 6PM EST - H1Z1 BR
  • Saturday - 6PM EST - H1Z1 BR

This new schedule is starting on November 29th.

I like to note what I mean by " Random " is on those days, I may or may not stream, but if I do, it will be random games. If people are watching the stream, we will leave it to the people to take a vote and decide which game I play.

be sure to follow me at
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If you see me on TS3, feel free to come into the channel and talk/play. See you then.

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