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H1Z1 Circuit racing
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:11 am Reply with quote
Just today, the concept for H1Z1 Racing got the green light on the Stronghold server. Here is a copy of my original post I did over there.

Thursday Night Thunder - H1Z1 Racing

The concept of this came from something we built and did before the last server wipe which was building a oval race track and held racing on it. About a week ago we came upon another group that also did H1Z1 racing, but was more of a rally race. What we were thinking about was maybe build a couple of tracks, one that will be oval like you see in the pic's below, the other that can come later, which will be a rally style race track if people like the oval racing.

Overall, right now, we have talked about doing it bimonthly, but, if people like it and if we get a good enough community to work on this, then it could become into a weekly thing.


Here is a video example I just did from some clips off our old track from a couple of wipes ago.

[Watch this video on YouTube]


  • Only one racer per clan/group
  • Each racer needs their own pit crew, up to 2 guys. Each pit crew member is required to provide their own wrenches and fuel.
  • Racers will be required to show up for pre-race driver meeting that will take place at some point, (still to be determined), before the first heat.

  • Track will consist of a oval track, like NASCAR.
  • Rally style racing can be built around the oval track after the oval track is done and tested a bit more. Need to find out peoples reaction to the track before building another.
  • There will be a pit road where repairs are done by their pit crew. (max of 2 guys).

You can see in These images of what we did before.
Expand Expand

The location of where we had built this works out well and I think it should be the location of this if we go through with it.

Since there are only 3 different types of vehicles and no way to customize them, we are left with using 1 of each for the race. So a max limit of 3 people per race is set. The vehicle choice will be determined by a number guess before the race starts. Will pick a number 1 - 10, and using a random number generator, will determine who is closest without going over. The winner gets to choose what vehicle they want. Next closest without going over will get to choose. In cases if the other two or all three go over, then it will go by who is closest to that number.

Here is a run down of what we found out with our races we did with the vehicles.
  • Cop car - Fast down the straights, can take a bit of punishment, but is poor in turning and breaking.
  • Jeep - Well rounded vehicle. Decent speed, and turning, but in first person view, can be sometimes harder to see out of.
  • Truck - Slowest top end, but can turn the best and can drift the corners the best.

Each vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses and overall, pretty equal in the races. Just comes down to driver skills.

Qualifying will be done all in the same vehicle which will be the Jeep for its the most well rounded vehicle. Each qualifier will do a total of 3 laps on Wednesday which the last two laps will be timed. The fastest lap will be counted for your overall place in the listing.

  • Qualifying - The top 9 racers will be determined by qualifying laps done on Wednesday. If there is 9 or under racers signed up, then qualifying will still be held, but will just determine which heat they start in on Thursday. If there is over 9 racers, only the fastest 9 will qualify to race on Thursday.
  • Heats - There will be single heat on Thursday which will determine if your in the final race. Each heat will be 15 laps. If there are 9 racers, it will be broken into 3 equal heats. The first place of each heat will go into the final race. If there is just say only 7 people for the final. The fastest time on Wednesday will get a automatic pass to the final heat on Thursday.

    *Note - in cases like this, the driver can opt for a warm-up of 5 laps before the first heat takes place.
  • Final race - This will be a 30 lap race. If you make it to this point, you will automatically earn global points for the seasons points race. Points will be shown below. Vehicle that you will use is determined before the final starts.


Each final race, the top 3 racers of the day will earn points. Points are as follows.
  • First Place: 3 points
  • Second place: 2 points
  • Third Place: 1 point

Now, each final you run, you will earn points and at the end of the season, which can be like 6 months long or what ever, the one with the highest sum of points is the champion, and so on. Prizes are mentioned below but we are still thinking of what we should do. Maybe have some sort of prize for the top 3.

We can probably set up a points stats chart that will show online so people can track of their points within the season. But this will need to be discussed with the admins and what not to see how they feel about this.

Entry Fee:
(Still to be determined.)
We are throwing about some idea's, like paying a a flat fee before doing the qualifying laps to help give incentive to do their best and make it into the races on Thursday.
What exactly, not sure. We have considered doing a system of putting up resources, like X amount of scrap metal, or X bullets or so. This will be ironed out after getting public thoughts on what they think.

(Still to be determined.)
For the prizes, we have talked about for the final race, winner takes all, minus 10% of the resources that would go into the town for the community. But this is still up in the air and would need to be discussed more and get the communities opinion on this.

For the final season points prize, (grand prize), this would have to be determined later because of its nature.

Additional help:
A few areas that we know that help will be needed is in collecting materials for the track. Our first track we build took about 1200 scrap metal, give or take some. We know with the additional stuff the new number will be closer to 1600 - 2000, so resource hunting for this would be needed and also a spot where we can designated as protected from anyone taking the vehicles. Having at least 1 of each vehicle for the track would be good, but two of each would be best just for those (just in case) moments. Vehicles would remain there so people that like to stop by and practice can. You can also bring your own vehicle if you want, but, remember, you may not always get the vehicle you want for the races.

Side note, we have found that driving in first person for the races turned out to be the easiest way to race.

On race days, we will need additional help as well. We will need lap counters. Each will need to be on TS3 and they will be in charge of helping keep track of one racer of each race with their current position and lap. We will also need track officials that can watch for any cheating going on like intentional ramming and what not.

Mind you that this is just a concept that can and will be tweaked to improve on it. After talking to PhazePyre yesterday about my idea, he suggested that I right this up. especially after I also showed him some raw uncut/unedited footage from our first race that I was going to turn into a short video, (just have not done yet). I will see if I can get a short for this thread to show some of what we did soon.


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