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#1: No icon test Author: [HSX]coRpSELocation: Back of your mind!!! PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2016 11:51 am
[video width=600 height=400:ebae5c0dcf]http://cdn.oddshot.tv/capture/h1z1kotk-20160520215143747.shot.mp4[/video:ebae5c0dcf]
just testing the HTML5 video system. I altered our BB code a bit, got rid of the XFire, and the Google Video, and I also altered the basic video that was there and updated it to the HTML5 system.

Just a heads up, that video is from an oddshot I took, which is becoming more popular especially with twitch screamers and their followers.

HeadShot Extreme -> In-The-Works

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