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Mon Jul 05, 2021 2:44 pm
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Well, This is the last of this 4 part series, and this script has started many wars and enjoyment between my viewers in the past. This is by far the most popular script that I have had on my stream, and this one was designed and built during the live stream. We took some time off from playing "The Hunter : Call of the wild" one afternoon and wrote this script, and, with help of the viewers, came with some messed up things for it.

What this script is, is a way for people to slap others in your stream with a random set of actions. There are currently 20 of the most disgusting things/nice things the community came up with, and any request to add more is available, just contact me. Here is a list of what is currently in it, just note, this can change in the file and not be up-to-date in this thread.

  1. with an olive branch of peace.
  2. with a limp noodle!
  3. with a fluffy bunny!
  4. with a dead trout!
  5. with a stern, yet lovable look.
  6. with a smelly fart!
  7. with a cold burrito!
  8. with a full diper!
  9. with a old dirty, smelly, moldy gym sock.
  10. with soggy celery.
  11. with a dead skunk.
  12. with a pie to the face.
  13. with a paddle to the behind.
  14. with a handful, full of manure!
  15. with an iron gauntlet.
  16. with a dead squirrel!
  17. with a soft pillow. ((PILLOW FIGHT!))
  18. with a snot covered hand!
  19. with an old, used, crusty, once white, now brown, tighty whitie!
  20. with a ticket. Pay up!

Yes, this requires Nightbot. I am not going to go over on how to set up night bot, just go to YouTube to find that out. The scripts I am providing are free to use, and just follow the following examples, and you should have no problems using them. The 4 scripts that I am making available are as follows:

  1. Random Chatter - Will grab a random person that is watching your stream and display their name.
  2. The Latest Followers - Will display your latest (1-20) followers, what ever you set.
  3. Magic (cool Ball script - Makes it so you have a 8ball in your chat.
  4. Slaps - This has been the most popular one used, and it was built during a live stream a few years back.

Now, I will go over each one individually and how to implement them into Nightbot, either by from within your chat, or from the Nightbot Dashboard alsong with a few cases of what you can do with them.

This script gives you the ability, really, anyone in chat the ability to slap someone in your chat, either a targeted attack, or a random act of nasty to a random user, using my other script from Part 3 of this series.

The URL is going to look like this:

There is no configuration to this one, all you have to do is implement this into your system, and your good to go. I will provide 2 variants of this system. First will be for a targeted user, and the second will be how to set it up for a random user.

Now, how to implement:
From within your chat of your stream.

Code: [ Select all ]

!commands add !lslaps $(user) slaps $(touser) $(urlfetch http://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/slaps.php)

If your manually setting this command in, then just use:

Code: [ Select all ]

$(user) slaps $(touser) $(urlfetch http://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/slaps.php)

Now, using the script from Part 3, the random user, you would do this:

Code: [ Select all ]

!commands add !slaps_r $(user) has slapped $(urlfetch https://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/random_chatter.php?u=dreadedcorpse&s=1&b=1) $(urlfetch http://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/slaps.php)

And if your manually adding this into Nightbot, here is the command.

Code: [ Select all ]

$(user) has slapped $(urlfetch https://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/random_chatter.php?u=dreadedcorpse&s=1&b=1) $(urlfetch http://www.headshotdomain.net/twitch_scripts/slaps.php)

How to use in your stream:
Once you have the command in, if you do a targeted attack, let's say Wolf was in my chat and I wanted to slap him, all I would type into chat is:

!slaps Wolf

And Nightbot will respond with something like:
Nightbot: DreadedCorpse has slapped Wolf with a dead skunk.

Now, if you use their name the way they spell it, then their name will be highlighted, and they should see it clearly.
If I wanted to target a random person using the random varient, all I would do is type into chat:


Just note, depending on how you set up the randomization, you can slap yourself. Now, if you disable the broadcaster, then you shouldn't be able to slap your self. But to know more about that, you will need to read part 3.

Well, that is for part 4, who knows, there may be a part 5+ if I decide to make more scripts public and available for others to use. I have others to show how many hours you have in specific games, (steam only), but, those would require you to get your own API key and probably host your self, but, I can make the code available if people want it.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

(Special Request): If you do decide to use these scripts on your own stream, please consider either donating a little to our site for hosting and making these for you, or at lease, put some sort of link back either to my twitch or my site in your cards or somewhere on your stream.

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