● Net Neutrality back in the news!

Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:57 pm
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Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:15 am
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The Consumer should be allowed to access the Internet without some Government or Corporate Entity interfering in any way. Having a Company punish another company by deliberately sabotaging  their access to the net or their customers is against the Law. These laws existed before Net Neutrality was put into place.Part of the problem is the Law is selectively enforced (Corruption). Those Laws are anti Monopoly and even Defamation in Nature and need to be enforced against the perps. The problem of net Neutrality is allowing the FCC to be involved in the Internet at all. When I was a Kid, the existing Laws would Punish the Shit out of the Monopolys example like AT&T was punshed back in the 1980's.
So what I'm saying is, if they wanna get rid of Net Neutrality, They better enforce the law against the Monopolys who limit your access and other company's access to you.
The Problem with Net Neutrality to me is what theoretical abuse the FCC and or Congress will do in the future could be worse than the alternative without it. Is their an entity more Corrupt than the Federal Government  augen rollen
My opinion is Fix The Corruption and Enforce The Law as always...
An interesting discussion...

Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:49 am
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To expand on what I posted before.
Let's assume there is always going to be corruption (yup it's the real world).
Those who make a buck by altering access and bandwidth to their competitors can accomplish this two different ways.

way #1 No FCC Involvement situation--- Corporations Use there Monopoly control to limit bandwidth and access to their main competetors by stealth by making it hard to enjoy the product. Possibly using a Third Party to interfere.  Like Comcast screwing with Netflix's bandwidth. If a Study is done and a Lawsuit is filed and evidence is brought Comcast should be liable.
Problem, Comcast can buy off the decision with their Billions!

way#2 Corporations Lobby to have Congress Pass Laws that Benefit them through the FCC itself and make the Lobbyist the "Third" Party for their interference. Hence making it Legal Extortion. Once again, Lawmakers will be influence by corporations like Comcast and their Billions just like example #1.

Way to fix imho;
Make what you put on the internet part of the 1st Amendment to in which if someone screws with what you put up, and doing that steps on your ability to earn, they can be sued with existing Anti-Trust Laws! Just like Microsoft got sued back when they unfairly were able to have windows explorer placed on most PC's during the 1990's. That is an example of Anti-Trust Laws being enforced.

So this begs a second question.
What would be easier to Sue if you are the injured Business in Court?

Sue a Corporation?
Sue the Government?

I kinda think it may be harder to Sue The Government and it's Settled Law...

Food for thought

Frank Zappa known for his Libertarian views used to say "the USA is a Nation Of Laws, Poorly Written And Randomly Enforced"
And that I believe is the True Problem.

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