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#1: No icon Comparison Author: [HSX]coRpSELocation: Back of your mind!!! PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:29 pm
Today, when editing the forums, got me thinking about what made some of these games great and how do they stack up together. Well, here are two videos I have on youtube archived that you can compare against each other. Both these videos had no audio and the visual is about part with the crappy recorder I used on the WoT and the WarThunder one being from my twitch rather than from my game directly.

WoT Video:

WT Video:

I like to know what you think comparison wise.

Here is what I think:

My final thought is. I think WoT messed up not partnering up with Gaijin when they had the chance, but I am also happy they did what they did because now we have WoT and WT. I also like during one of WarGaming interviews, they mocked Gaijin ambition to combine tanks with planes, ships with planes, and possibly Ships, planes, and tanks, then told the world that it was impossible and that is why they broke their games into 3 seperate games. Well, we all know how is the fool now.

Overall, play what you like to play, and keep enjoying it. But before mocking something or saying its trash, give it a chance.

HeadShot Extreme -> WoT General Chat

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