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Okay, when we did the clean up of old post the rules must have been deleted accidentally, so I am going to re-post them.

If you are registering to gain access into our downloads, we have a rule of no spamming our forums, meaning NO POSTING of worthless post. You are required to have a set number of post and a limitation of how many downloads you can get per day. If you spam worthless post we will ban you permanently from our site.

Please read the rest of our site rules in our forums and enjoy your stay here.

Board rules:
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The Clan Rules Are:

  1. - Absolutely no glitching. Glitching is meant by being in a place where it is possible for you to kill, but not be killed and or in a spot that was never intended by the map developer to be able to get to. This does not include such spots where you are able to climb up a wall and get to certian areas for to have the ability to climb means it was intended.
  2. - There is to be NO teamkilling. Teamkilling will result in a kick if done purposely and after being warned. Repeat offenders will be banned for life.
  3. - Respect everyone in and out of the game.
  4. - Cheaters are not allowed. Any modification or exploit of the game (be it client or server vulnerabilities) are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to: wall hacks, aim-bots, etc. Cheating results in an indefinite ban from the clan all together.
  5. - If Applying to the clan, Please put kitties as the secret word to prove your read these rules.
  6. - Players who repeat the same line (voice or text) various times within a short period time (advertisements included) or make other players incapable of communication will be considered a spammer, and that player will be warned and then kicked. The return of the player is authorized. If the spamming persists, the player will be banned.
  7. - Players have the right to type what they like in the chat feature, as long as the text is respectful and does not become disruptive or is spammed.
  8. - Players have the right to speak what they like in the voice chat feature, as long as the voice is respectful and does not become disruptive or is spammed.
  9. - Disruptive players will be kicked. If disruptive behavior persists, the player will be banned.
  10. - Players have the right to camp.
  11. - Racism will not be tolerated and is considered disruptive.
  12. - Being an active part of the community is a must. You must come to the website regularly to be able to vote on new members, keep up to date with any news with the clan and the games we are involved with. With that said, if you don't come to the website as a member for 28 days, You will be PMed by a admin to see whats up. From the date and time the PM sent, you will have 7 days to respond. If no response is given, and you don't come to the site to even see the message, you will be removed from the clan and stripped of the [HSX] tags. You will need to re-apply to get back in. If you get booted a second time, you will not be welcomed back into the clan.

    If you give prior notice of your absence or something major happens in real life and you can not contact us, then you can bypass the re-applying, just contact an admin in this event.
  13. - Must be active on our TS3 server.

-The Headshot team

HeadShot Extreme -> Our Rules

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