Only 6 days left to get Windows 10 free upgrade!!!
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#1: No icon Only 6 days left to get Windows 10 free upgrade!!! Author: coRpSELocation: Back of your mind!!! PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:39 pm
For those who aren't aware, Windows 10 free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users ends July 29 (this Friday). So far, Microsoft didn't mention any extension on the offer.
Sadly, August 2nd is when the Anniversary Update will be released for Windows 10, and not during the upgrade offer. The release will be done in waves, so some people should have it in a week or two after August 2nd. The Anniversary Update brings excessive amount of polish to the OS, and a variety of new features. I'll share more details when the times comes. So for those who had issues with Windows 10 before, might want to give that version a try.

Windows 10 brings new features to everyone, wether you are a gamer, a developer, or do a lot of multi-tasking for your work.
Windows 10 beings Windows 8 and 7 worlds together, with the ability to switch between modes based on your device. For example, tablets running Windows 10 will have, by default (can be changed from the settings panel), Windows 8 style start screen, convertible system will switch between Windows 7 style and Windows 8 style based if you are setup as a laptop or tablet automatically (again, this behavior can be disabled and be overwritten).

In addition to this, Windows 10 brings:

Once you upgrade to Windows 10 it is free for you to keep. What's the catch? Microsoft is changing its business model, a transition that will take time if successful. While Microsoft did say that "Windows 10 is the last Windows ever", this claim was said many times before... I don't know why manufactures in general always say this, or a variation of like "This console will last the next 6 years!". Nothing is for ever, and no one can predict the future. Personally, I believe that 3-4 years form now, if Microsoft is able to transition to a service company (like Google), Windows 11 will come out as free, like iOS and Android, and the company will make money through the Store, and services (Bing, Cortana, Store app/games/music/movie/and their dlc purchases, OneDrive, Office subscriptions), and build a much requested ecosystem, and not have things separated in worlds. Bringing together Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Phones (recall SMS/MMS for Android, and Windows 10 Mobile devices coming up with the Anniversary Update), HoloLens, and XBox together, which is helped with the concept of Universal Apps. Apps that can run on any Windows 10 devices (XBox One, HoloLens, Phone (Windows 10 Mobile), Desktop, Laptop, Tablets). Just the App store itself, bring several billions to Google and Apple EACH, contentiously year over year.


Can you clean install Windows 10 instead of an Update?
Yes. Use Microsoft Media Creation Tool (click on "Download tool now" button on this page:
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), and run it. Select "For another computer" despite being the same computer. It will download Windows 10 ISO, and prepare your USB Flash drive (will format it, so expect all data in there to be lost), extract the ISO on your USB flash drive, and make it bootable. OR burn the ISO into a disk. You pick.

If you have Windows 7, and you had to disable UEFI (or/and enable CSM) to get Windows 7 running, this is a good time to enable UEFI and disable CSM (assuming your hardware is UEFI ready), and boot form disk or USB flash drive your Windows 10 setup, as Windows 10 (since Windows 8), is fully UEFI ready.

In the setup, select Custom install, and Windows 10 will ask you for a product key, click on "I don't have one", and once Windows 10 finish the setup, and starting for the first time, setup a Microsoft account or link your account with your Microsoft account, then go to Start > Settings > Update & Recovery > Activation, and enter your Windows 7 or 8 product key, and it will activate.

My system doesn't have Windows 10 drivers, can I still upgrade ?
Yes. Windows 7, and 8 drivers will work under Windows 10 just fine. Windows 10 is also pretty good at finding most drivers.

If I clean install, do I need to backup my data before, and re-install my software after?
Yes. A clean install involves formatting your C:\ drive. So everything will be gone in it. Be sure to backup all your stuff before starting the process. Even if you upgrade, it is best to backup your stuff in any case, in the event that your HDD or SSD decides it would be a fantastic time to fail on you.

If I choose to upgrade, what do I need to do?
Before starting, it is best to backup your stuff in the event that your HDD or SSD decides it would be a fantastic time to fail on you, or something screws up during the update process. In addition, you want to uninstall your anti-virus, anti-malware, and any other security software that you have installed. You don't want them to fire up during the upgrade process as they might think an attack is happening and break everything.  Keep note that some software might be uninstalled by Windows 10 upgrade if Microsoft has identified them to cause problem during the upgrade process. One famous software is CPU-Z. Another thing to do, is to ensure that all your drivers are up-to-date. While, yes you'll be install Windows 10, some older drivers on select hardware manufactures, have been identified to get Windows 10 Upgrade process jam due a bug in them in not following the OS documentation to the letter, or a bug giving a strange behavior. All manufacture should have solved these issues by now.

Can I downgrade?
If you have upgraded Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, and not a clean install, yes you can downgrade. You have 30 days from the day you upgraded to downgrade. Your old Windows will be stored in a folder called "Windows.OLD" under C:\. As long as you don't delete that folder, you can downgrade. After 30 days, Windows 10 will assume that you are happy, and delete for you Windows.old folder. If you did a clean install of Windows 10, you can clean install Windows 7 or 8.

What edition will I get?
Windows 7: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium ---> Windows 10 Home
Windows 7: Professional, Ultimate ---> Windows 10 Pro (there is no "Ultimate" edition of Windows 10)
Windows 8: Core/Home ---> Windows 10 Home
Windows 8: Pro ---> Windows 10 Pro

If you where under 32-bit Windows, you'll remain at 32-bit Windows 10. If your system is 64-bit compatible, you can clean install Windows 10 64-bit of the equivalent edition.

DVD Playback... is it there?
ONLY if you upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium or higher editions, or Windows 8 Pro + Media Center Pack specifically, you'll get on that system: Windows DVD Player.
If you clean install, you won't have it. Since Windows 8, Microsoft removed Media Center and DVD playback codec due to the very low usage of the codec and Media Center functionality.

If you want DVD playback support, here are some options:

Windows 7 for life!
Not a question. That is up to you. If you enjoy Windows 7 and want to stick with it, that is your decision. Keep in mind that much like Windows XP in the past, and similarly with an old iPhone or Android device, support will be cut, and that includes lack of support for software, and in Windows, lack of driver support for new hardware.

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